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    Churchill Fellowship - application information is now available

    Churchill Fellowships open for applications on 13 September 2022. A number of cavers have been able to apply for Fellowships in the past, myself included, and receive substantial funding. Click here to find out more
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    No doubt everyone reading this deplores what's happening in Ukraine but we are not divorced from it. Like many or you, I've been caving with both Ukrainian and Russian colleagues. I've messaged the latter and had responses from some indicating their dismay at what Putin is doing and highlighting...
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    Fundraising talk about caving

    I'm doing a short talk about caving in aid of the Nasio Trust at 1200 on the 8th. My niece works for them and talked me into it.  It's free and you can sign up via Eventbrite ...
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    Wilderness [caving] Lecture

    Connor will be talking about the international team of cave explorers set out during the spring of 2018  to  tackle a remote cave in Southern Mexico, Cueva Pena Colorada. Due to the logistical complexity of its exploration, this spectacular cave has seen less than a handful of visits since the...
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    Merdeka Award

    As many cavers are aware, Andy Eavis was one of the 2018 Merdeka Award recipients.  The Merdeka Award was established in 2007 by its founders, PETRONAS, ExxonMobil and Shell, to celebrate Malaysia?s independence. It is an award that aims "to recognise and reward Malaysians and non-Malaysians...
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    Great job for a cave biologist

    Cave biologist? Flora and Fauna International are advertising for a Karst Programme Officer and Programme Officer to the IUCN-SSC Cave Invertebrate Specialist Group. A one year contract starting 1st September 2017 but with potential to extend. Based in Cambridge or, if the candidate doesn't...
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    Spain?s CJ-3: a cave as beautiful as it is deadly

    From El Pais Scientists are investigating why this well-known chasm has suddenly run out of oxygen
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    Great book

    Not a caving book but a great read nonetheless. Judge for your self from this review
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    Wilderness Lectures

    If you can't get to Eurospeleo, you'll get another chance to hear Chris Jewell talk about the latest cave diving explorations in Sistema Huatla in the forthcoming Wilderness Lectures series in Bristol. Check out:  Tickets will be available in...
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    Fundraiser for the Jonathan Conville Memorial Trust. Bristol February 9th

    "Higher, Further, Funnier" Fundraiser for the Jonathan Conville Memorial Trust. February 9th, Bristol Student's Union 7.30pm. Squash Falconer will be talking about her experiences as one of the UK's leading female adventurers. Mountaineering, paragliding, motorcycling, skiiing. All welcome...
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    Night for Nepal June 22nd

    The Bristol climbing community is coming together to stage a fund raiser for Nepal on June 22nd in the Anson Room at the Bristol SU, Richmond Building, Queens Road, BS8 1LN. This is backed by all 4 of the local walls and a number of commercial sponsors who are donating raffle prizes. There will...
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    Into the Pupu - Martyn Farr

    Martyn is talking about his recent activities in New Zealand in the 2014-15 Wildernes Lectures series. "Into the Pupu" is on Wednesday March 4th 2015 at 7.30 in the Chemistry Dept, Woodland Road, Bristol. Full details are at
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    Alain Robert - The Human Spider

    Alain Robert - The Human Spider - the man who has soloed over 120 of the world's tallest buildings including the 2717ft Burj Khalifa, is doing a talk for Wilderness Lectures and The Climbing Academy in Bristol on March 13th. Full details on