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  1. sam1991

    Gul Pro D30 Kneepads

    So I made a bit of a discovery recently and after finally getting them underground a bit, thought I’d share the experience, as these are honestly the best kneepads I’ve ever used! I recently bought a pair of Gul Pro D30 kneepads from Amazon; they popped up on my search when I was looking to...
  2. sam1991

    Knee Ascender/Stairwalking SRT

    Out of interest, has anyone here had any experience of trying a knee ascender/stairwalking SRT technique? I recently bought Alpine Caving Techniques which mentioned the French using a bungee cord to position a hand jammer at knee height and a pantin on the other foot, which allowed them to...
  3. sam1991

    Ogof Rhyd Sych advice

    Hi everyone! Firstly thanks for having me on the forum; I’ve followed threads for a long time but due to IT issues with verification emails have never been able to join until now. Fortunately Jane managed to sort my login this week so I can finally post! Anyway; I’ve been fancying trying Ogof...