• Lost hearing aid in Swildons Hole

    Lost 29/09/2022 very near the entrance, probably the first climb down.

    Please keep an eye out!

    More details here

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  1. Cantclimbtom

    Visiting Eldon Hole

    Please may I ask several fairly daft question, about the newly re-instated pull through and also Eldon hole in general (yes I did read the mini guide and rigging topo on PDCi before posting this) 1) The pull through up to Miller's - I'm wondering about what's at the top and so how to attach...
  2. Cantclimbtom

    Mines of Essex

    Hi all, I'm struggling to find much on Aditnow and maybe I'm an unrealistic optimist but I'm trying to find some underground mines in Essex that still exist (no I'm not expecting anything impressive). I'm aware of pillar and stall chalk mines just over the border into Cambridgeshire (in one...
  3. Cantclimbtom


    You Derbyshire folks have been having some picturesque weather recently, especially Castleton Saw these pics taken on Tuesday https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-61722669 Hope some of you guys witnessed it too?
  4. Cantclimbtom

    Chalk versus Marl

    Hello geologists, geotechnical and mining surveyors people Please may I ask a question about chalk and marl, yes... I have tried Googling it, but for some reason (perhaps my ignorantly formed searches) I'm not getting back what I want. I already understand that chalk is composed of the remains...
  5. Cantclimbtom

    Silly question about Leicestershire Slate

    With aditnow being unavailable and nothing coming back for my Gooling I *assume* the answer is "No", but just to tap into the hive megamind here: was there ever any underground slate quarrying in Leicestershire? I'm aware of slab slate extracted open-cast quarrying in e.g. Swithland Woods...
  6. Cantclimbtom

    Caving goes mainstream?

    Seems that "The Internet" is trying to introduce climbers (etc) to going underground. A bit American and I suppose you could call it caving from a climber's perspective as the presenter is a climber and known as a highliner, not a caver Part1 (parts 2 and 3 not yet released)
  7. Cantclimbtom

    Name that scunge...

    Blue/white crystalline growth that I believe formed by seepage not an actual ore -- not certain!. Iron mine, Cretaceous sandstone above a harder grey limestone with a thin band of silicous poor iron stone/clay between. Blue/white scunge is roughly in area of the clay, so any damp would be from...
  8. Cantclimbtom

    Happy St David's Day!

    Happy St David's Day! I need a "good" excuse to get a bottle of Penderyn madeira finish (there's a Sainsburys not too far and they keep stock) keep hearing it's good but not yet tried it. Need some to raise a glass to St David  (like I do for St Andrew, Patrick and George) just because it's a...
  9. Cantclimbtom

    West Midlands Earthquake

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-60476022 Sure it's not a "big" one and these things happen, but it's not helpful anywhere near old mines, I don't like them. Shallow 7km and therefore fairly localised
  10. Cantclimbtom

    Woah... Look at the size of that one!

    Anyone seen this beast, discovered at Rutland Water The story is actually from back in Feb 2021 although reported now, but I don't remember seeing it in the news back then? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-59915689
  11. Cantclimbtom

    Coal, geologically mostly all about the same age

    Hi all, In my ignorance I hadn't realised that in terms of geological periods... coal is the same age. I found the explanation interesting. Many of you here are knowledgeable about geology and probably heard this years ago, but for the others... https://youtu.be/b34al8YmQSA
  12. Cantclimbtom

    Blaenau Ffestiniog question

    Hi all, since Maen Offeren is still being worked, which historical quarries should be visited outside of working time? Also do they work Saturdays?
  13. Cantclimbtom

    Cave identity

    Not sure if this is a time waster or actually identifiable from this very vague descriptio, probably applies to a heap of caves but maybe can any of you older peak cavers could tell me if any of this garbled description matches anything Cave in the Peak District, commutable from Stockport...
  14. Cantclimbtom

    Friday crowd

    From other threads here I understand that some people are free on Fridays. This is extremely vague and non committal posting, just to see if there is any vague indications of interest. *if* on the off-chance I happened to be in the Llanrwst area Friday 19th Nov (during working day), would any...
  15. Cantclimbtom

    Duo Battery Holder FoC to a good home

    Duo Battery holder, battery contacts etc in excellent condition. No longer needed as I have gutted my battery box and I am using the lid from an old battery holder that had wonky contacts Do you have one that's a bit battered? If you are prepared to take it for regular walks and look after it...
  16. Cantclimbtom


    I am a practical engineer kind of person, but never much electronics (beyond fixing the occasional dry joint on a board etc) but very embarrassingly I am struggling to solder a wire onto a battery, totally failing. I've got some 18500 button top batteries. I want to solder 3 in parallel and...
  17. Cantclimbtom

    Gwydir Forest Area - joined up Map?

    Coedwig Gwydyr / Gwydir Forest, lots of "stuff" there but my view of it is fragmented Have I missed something, is there an overall map of mines and lodes (as best as we know in some cases) combined all on the same map I'm having difficulty visualising where they are in relation to each other...
  18. Cantclimbtom

    What's up (down?) with Moore Books

    https://www.moorebooks.co.uk/ The store is closed We are temporarily closed for maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please check back soon. Noticed it yesterday and didn't worry, however still like this today Hope it's all OK??
  19. Cantclimbtom

    Down and up, look-see of Titan?

    Hi all, this is just a very vague question, after any indications of interest (no specific commitment/date) if any of you mine explorer types ever fancied at some undetermined point a "quick" look at Titan. "Just" down-up to have a look-see. I was toying with idea of a solo trip to keep simple...
  20. Cantclimbtom

    Caving booking etiquette

    Hi all, asking a caving related question in the mining forum because I don't want to ask a question revealing my total ignorance in main forums and people might conclude I will definitely die and dissuade me etc (dying is possible but not a certainty EDIT: on this trip) Anyway, supposing...