• Lost hearing aid in Swildons Hole

    Lost 29/09/2022 very near the entrance, probably the first climb down.

    Please keep an eye out!

    More details here

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  1. legendrider

    Skears low level.

    Thanks for that - good to hear that someone's up for repairing and maintaining. WRT Tomferry's comment - it is a hard enough trip without this new collapse. When you drop out of the hopper on D2 Vein you're straight into waist-deep cryogenic fluid till you get to D/E junction! MARK
  2. legendrider

    Skears low level.

    Needs a dedicated team to clear it properly, with full consideration for spoil removal and disposal. Unfortunately I'm committed to other long-term projects elsewhere otherwise I might have run with it myself. MARK
  3. legendrider

    Skears low level.

    Yes, this was discovered the hard way by rescuers who did it as a pull-through, after the recent multi-agency rescue of a trio of inexperienced explorers who got stuck in the horror which is the first pitch from the D2 Vein sublevel. Even if Skears were a wheelchair-friendly walk-out it would...
  4. legendrider

    Best timber for stemples?

    If its just for clambering, I agree with Tom Ferry regarding tanalised round fence posts. In a different application, our group are currently pushing an extensive dig 'somewhere interesting' and our primary support stemples are expanding scaff tubes pocketed into diamond-core-drilled holes...
  5. legendrider

    Silly question about Leicestershire Slate

    Yes, this is the locality from which Charnia masoni gets its name. 'Charnia' was a soft-bodied organism whose fossil was discovered by a schoolboy in the 1950's - looks a bit like a laurel leaf, although 'quilted' in form and with a basal holdfast to the seafloor. Further similar fossilised...
  6. legendrider

    Coal Mine Exploration - what extra kit do i need?

    If you ask Caphouse very nicely, and can rustle up a small party of mates to make it worthwhile, they might let you accompany the Deputy on his morning inspection, down the shaft in the cage, through the working areas, then walk out via the inclined drift. There is a small fee payable but well...
  7. legendrider

    Gleision Mine Disaster

    BBC are showing a documentary about this tragic event at 8pm tonight 15/9/21 on BBC1 Wales Also available on I-Player for rest of UK. MARK
  8. legendrider

    Who's the Helmet without the helmet???

    Urbex/stoner crossover plumbs new depths of muppetry  :furious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIeeU4oZVMI maybe I'm being too harsh - why waste hard-scrounged benefits on protecting what isn't there? MARK