• Lost hearing aid in Swildons Hole

    Lost 29/09/2022 very near the entrance, probably the first climb down.

    Please keep an eye out!

    More details here

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  1. JasonC

    Cryptic caves

    You got it RM ! Take it away....
  2. JasonC

    A Day in the Life of a Digger/Photographer

    I like the artful arrangement of ladders in top row, third picture. A future submission for the Turner Prize?
  3. JasonC

    Cryptic caves

    haha - I hadn't noticed! I can't count either :)
  4. JasonC

    Cryptic caves

    Try this then... Hot? Just apply ointment at Australian cross-roads (8, 8)
  5. JasonC

    Cryptic caves

    Hardrawkin Pot :)
  6. JasonC

    Methods of protecting in-situ ropes from unwanted usage

    All of this makes perfect sense, but you might find that folk are reluctant to own up to leaving rigging in place because of a) attracting flak for cluttering up a pitch/rigging it 'badly' etc, b) being held liable by a caver's family/insurance company if they came to grief on a rope you'd left...
  7. JasonC

    PVC Patch Material

    If you ask at your local garden centre, you might get some pond liner offcuts for nowt. It's waterproof (of course) but might need roughening a bit with sandpaper to help it stick.
  8. JasonC

    Cryptic caves

    Yes, guessed it was an anagram, yes, thought second word was HOLE. No, I still have no idea... HERONWAIT FELL ? HONWELLIE FART? Either that or it's in some obscure foreign language - like Welsh?
  9. JasonC

    Scanty Lardos - why?

    Having enjoyed a good trip down there last night, I have to ask 'why?' - why is it called that, I mean? I've had a quick Google, and watched Joe Mellor's excellent video on its discovery, but am none the wiser. And while we're at it, why 'Ann Summer's passage'? It's a fun passage but not in...
  10. JasonC

    Documentary about the big rescue from OFD last November

    See the link above to Trapped: 54 Hours underground - 12 minutes interview, mainly of George and Hywel, and his eyebrows. Echo the comments on the main 'Rescue' programme - it was really well made and told a great story, even appreciated by me non-caving wife!
  11. JasonC

    Ibbeth Peril to Upper Hackergill

    Good video - brings the description to life, and I liked the choice of music.
  12. JasonC

    Overhand Knot (on the bight) in Cows Tails.

    Thanks all for your salutary tales. Good to know that falls onto CTs are fairly rare events.
  13. JasonC

    Overhand Knot (on the bight) in Cows Tails.

    An interesting thread, which has caused me to check my cowstails - and re-tie them - which I was not in the habit of doing... But it led me to wonder - how often has anyone actually taken a fall onto their cowstails? Obviously I don't count their use in standard (or even non-standard) SRT...
  14. JasonC

    Foxup Beck Cave

    Thanks for that Dave, it sort of answers one of my questions!. I couldn't find this journal online, but anyway I was really after some more recent information, if it exists.
  15. JasonC

    Cryptic caves

    That's the one RM :) PT being the boundary of PoT, geddit? Maybe some inside knowledge helped...? Take it away!
  16. JasonC

    Foxup Beck Cave

    Leafing through NC1, I came across this cave, which looks interesting, if rather wet. There's a good survey on Cavemaps, but other than that I can't find anything about it. Has anyone any knowledge of it? Is it ridiculously wet? What about access? Thanks in anticipation....
  17. JasonC

    Cryptic caves

    ok, apologies for the delay. Try this (perhaps a bit Dingbat-y)... PT (8,3)
  18. JasonC

    Stalagmites reveal Australia's pre-colonial bushfire history

    I didn't read it like that, rather that the original practice was to do frequent small burnings to which the flora and fauna were adapted and from which they quickly recovered. As opposed to recent practices of leaving the bush untouched resulting in a build-up of tinder and then big...
  19. JasonC

    Cryptic caves

    Perilous Pot :)
  20. JasonC

    New Look UK Caving!

    ok, I've spotted it now - under Forums > Mark Forums read Edit: And having done that, 'New posts' shows nothing, whereas 'What's new' still has posts, though marked as read. So New posts is what I want, I was just thrown before as all posts seemed to be new after migration. Got it now :)