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  1. badger

    Aquanaut ? a life beneath the surface (Rick Stanton)

    Bear ghrls is a definition of a cock womble
  2. badger

    Petzl stop Vs other descending devices

    I prefer the new stop over the old stop. I also like the petzl rig, but not used it enough to be really confident with it. I am not really a fan of the simple, basically as I have grown up using the stop, and for no other reason, plenty of people I now would choose the simple over the stop. I...
  3. badger

    Scout Cave Leader Training

    Or even the Scout BCA council rep, however as Josh said probably best bet is to contact @PaulW
  4. badger

    Footloop as 'spare' length of rope

    Ian I completely agree with you, I was basing my view on what I gained from the CIC training, and I am fairly certain the CNCC training would have been equally as useful. Since I started my LCMLA training it has certainly had me thinking on what little I knew and how often we got away with it.
  5. badger

    Footloop as 'spare' length of rope

    Josh if really want to know what to carry, try doing the CIC training, after which you will have a very clear idea of what you need to get yourself and your mates out of the shit. and by far the easiest way, but not necessarily the lightest or bulk way is to have a spare srt rope with you. but...
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    Best ever culinary song

  7. badger

    Summer exped

    1 space available, sailing 31st July (Plymouth) return 14th august (arrive Portsmouth 15th august) £300.00. plus space in the apartment.
  8. badger

    Harness choice

    Karstic, I agree with Josh, trying different harness'sits defiantly the way to go, unfortunately it would appear you have left it a bit late, do any of your colleagues have different harness's they might let you try. or look at Starless River diary as Tony visits different areas each weekend...
  9. badger

    Should we tax our cows for farting

    I think there is a whole lot of things we can do to reduce methane from cows 1, dietary supplements can reduce methane 2, methane digesters 3, we as humans can reduce our red meat volume maybe not the whole answer but like a lot of things we as humans have tended to bury our heads and have only...
  10. badger

    What do you take with you?

    I think the question asked is way to wide to actually get a realistic answer, without knowing more details, which cave, duration, size of caver i.e some stay warm, other get colder very quickly. the leaders equipment I would hope also be relevant to whom they have in there group, if I know I...
  11. badger


    Josh had I seen this I would have suggested Terra Nova. Or there cheaper cousin wild country. I have a wild country base camp four man tunnel tent, which is definitely not back packable. But the same model I had a 7 man was the only tent left standing after gale force winds
  12. badger

    Books to a good home

    I have 16 x Sharpe Books author bernard cornwall, and 13 true blood books author charlene harris, delivery would have to be by caver post. donation to cave rescue. pm me if your interested Badger
  13. badger


    if anyone is interested a lecture on corona virus not sure if that works but otherwise search you tube for catching up on coronavirus by Hazel Barton, hosted by the NSS
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    Jamie Jamie is a 12 year old quadriplegic cerabal palsay lad,  up to a few years ago he was wheel chair bound, but an operation on his spine has  given him the ability to walk. When I say walk it is a not walking as we do but with lots of help and crutches. we at our scout team do...
  15. badger

    Number of trips

    to those who take scouts caving, how many scout/explorer trip does your scout county organise each year do you always go to the same area do you combine age groups
  16. badger

    Water Levels

    maybe before this goes of topic hope to get some sensible answers,  :lol: was in mendips weekend just gone, had four groups down funnily four different caves, so those that went down longwood and gb had lots of water, the video of the waterfall had more water going down it then I have seen for a...
  17. badger

    Singing River Mines

    having re read the write up in mendip underground and looked at the survey, and had a bit of a hunt round on the internet thing, ther eseems to bits of information missing, so can any one tell me about the dive lines in the western sections, and is there a better survey available which shows all...
  18. badger

    Screen Savers

    we've had friday jokes, fun stuff, and video's, how about screen savers so here's one to start with
  19. badger

    loose p bolts

    Can anyone please tell me who to inform of loose p bolts, although the loose bolts probably already known but just in case
  20. badger

    have you seen it all

    thought I had seen it all when I witnessed persons celebrating not sure what but caving in swildons in DJ's, but yesterday was even better a caver in swildons wet suit cut off to just below the knee and bare feet!!!!!!!