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    For those who are scared..

    It always amuses me when horseriders say to me " I couldn't go climbing / caving etc. far too dangerous" . Every other ambo / A nd E programme case seems to involve a horse.
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    Prid for 8 yr old

    Great ...will pm you when I have got some ideas of dates :)
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    Prid for 8 yr old

    Thanks mrodoc very helpful Intel. I went down a short slidey bit on the left facing into the cave from crystal chamber but it didn't seem to have an obvious continuation...
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    Prid for 8 yr old

    Ah ….didn’t see that …left mine in the chalk pot
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    Prid for 8 yr old

    Not sure what it’s function is …there isn’t anywhere to leave money…
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    Prid for 8 yr old

    Hi All - hoping to take an active 8 yr old down Prid - is there a relatively safe easy route you could reccomend not necc all the way to bottom just a quick wander- did a quick reccy to crystal chamber recently - is way on down slide on r hand side of chamber ? - was a bit puzzled by where to...
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    Cwm Pot Cave

    Someone in UK Climbing has posted in a thread about Neil Moss a reference to an incident in 1983 when 3 students died in "Cwm Pot Cave" and their bodies were buried in a chamber on relatives request. I thought this was strange as I had never heard of this incident, but there was a link...
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    Looking for a Draenen survey

    Hi All I am looking for a Draenen survey to motivate me for post lockdown - I know there are some copies of the Grade 5 survey knocking around in huts etc- does anyone know where I could get one from? Thanks 
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    Draenen conditions

    How unpleasant will the draenen entrance be after recent rain? Slightly unpleasant, very unpleasant or verging on dangerous? Thanks. Ps im talking about the proper entrance  :ang: