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  1. aricooperdavis

    Responsibility for Fixed Aids in Caves

    I suspect that Tom's suggestion of a sign at the entrance saying that the fixed aids in the cave are installed for your use only, are potentially dangerous, and use may result in injury or death, would probably allow you to use the "volenti non fit injuria" defence. But you'll probably need...
  2. aricooperdavis

    Sideways torch helment mount for GoPro system

    Here's my DIY approach take 2, that I'm much happier with! It comprises the original GoPro 90° extender piece which I've heated in the oven until the legs are soft enough to bend apart. I've then taken a PVC pipe coupling of the appropriate diameter and cut a third out of it so that it can just...
  3. aricooperdavis

    Methods of protecting in-situ ropes from unwanted usage

    From very brief googling about this a while ago, I don't think it's likely. The injured party would have to prove that they're owed a duty of care by the installer (why should they be?) and that it was breached. There's also the principle of voluntary assumption of risk that could provide a...
  4. aricooperdavis

    Armytek headtorch

    The colour temperature is something that can be accounted for with the white balance, instead it's better to ensure that the LEDs have a good colour rendering index (CRI). That being said the classic "golden hour" has a colour temperature of about 3500K, so LED's around this temperature might...
  5. aricooperdavis

    Armytek headtorch

    I don't think the screenshot of the page on the Armytek website is the right product - the Wizard C2 uses Samsung LH351D LEDs but yours uses Cree XP-L LEDs. I think yours is probably the "Wizard V3 XP-L" with slightly updated branding. It's no longer on the Armytek website, but an archive of the...
  6. aricooperdavis

    Camping on NRW land, complaint received by CAL

    I don't know why more people don't use proper B&Bs - they're cheaper than buying or renting a cara/camper-van, more comfortable, more sociable, and help support the local economy. They can break up multi-day camping trips, and are a way of experiencing the real people who live in the place...
  7. aricooperdavis

    Methods of protecting in-situ ropes from unwanted usage

    I'm with Ed, I think leaving a cave rigged is generally antisocial for other visitors (in the same way that leaving top ropes on a crag would be). As such I'd attach a note to the top anchor apologising and telling visitors that they're very welcome to use the rope, but please to do so...
  8. aricooperdavis

    Spirit Of Adventure at Sheffield Cathedral

    There is a discount available for members of mountain and cave rescue teams, which has been publicised on FB. PM me if you need help finding it. :)
  9. aricooperdavis

    AS (and Clown) hangers tested

    They were testing Climbing Technology soft anchors (which I can't actually find on their website), but they look very similar to the AS anchors that Tony sells. I assume they're also using the Beal 5mm Dyneema as I don't know of any other manufacturer making that stuff. The dyneema broke at...
  10. aricooperdavis

    Berger Rigging: Change of “style”

    In which case we shouldn't be thinking of them as alternatives to bolts but as alternatives to hangers (or more realistically, a different approach to anchors entirely). I suspect you're right that the drilled threads are likely to be as, if not more, secure than a traditional...
  11. aricooperdavis

    Berger Rigging: Change of “style”

    This is just my assumption but: compared to a spit/bolt/glue-in this would be easier to inspect and replace, and cheaper too. It's not realistic to expect most cavers to take a bolting kit on a trip, but it is realistic to take a few bits of dyneema. The downside being that the dyneema will have...
  12. aricooperdavis

    Extracting data from the Web

    Hi Bob, Do you want to send me an email with the details? This sort of web scraping is relatively straightforward in python. Searching for words in the document may be possible depending on the file format. All the best, Ari
  13. aricooperdavis

    Dachstein Expedition 2022

    I believe Mon 15th August to Fri 2nd Sept with a weekend either side for travel and faffing :)
  14. aricooperdavis

    18650 Batteries

    Here's a direct link: I've also attached it to this post.
  15. aricooperdavis

    18650 Batteries

    Strictly speaking an amp-hour (Ah) is a unit of charge and a watt-hour (Wh) is a unit of energy. However, when most people are choosing a battery for their light the voltage is fixed; if your light takes 18650s then you're getting a nominal voltage of 3.7V. Since energy is charge x voltage...
  16. aricooperdavis

    Fenix HP30R v2.0 headlamp

    I personally don't think that IP66 is waterproof enough for caving; they only start being tested with full immersion in water at IPX7. I don't like ports on the outside of lights (USB/charging) because I don't trust that they'll stay closed and watertight during a caving trip. I suspect these...
  17. aricooperdavis

    Sideways torch helment mount for GoPro system

    Thanks Rob, I may well take you up on that offer! I'm a novice when it comes to 3D printing, though, so I'll exhaust the more manual options first (y)
  18. aricooperdavis

    Sideways torch helment mount for GoPro system

    It looks like there aren't many other options! I will attempt a different DIY approach at some point and update the thread with progress. For anyone trying a similar thing, the black plastic GoPro fittings seem to become malleable at about 190°C. If you go much above this then they start to...
  19. aricooperdavis

    Rainfall data, Greenhow

    The environment agency have a tipping bucket rain gauge at Grimwith Reservoir that gives readings every 15 mins (but takes a couple of hours to update). Here's a graph of the recent data: Map of the stations: Station ID...
  20. aricooperdavis

    Sideways torch helment mount for GoPro system

    Does anyone know of a commercially available mount for a right-angled torch that uses the GoPro system? The only one I've found that might be suitable is plastic and 3D printed on demand from the US, so might be a bit fragile and costs more to ship than the item costs itself! I'd also be...