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  1. JoshW

    Warmbac wetsuit

    Ahaha, well I’ll save myself some effort of finding my neofurry and some money (which will just get spent on other stupid stuff) and take myself out the race, good luck chaps!
  2. JoshW

    Warmbac wetsuit

    Gonna check out the size of my warmbac neofurry and get back to you tomorrow (assuming sizing will be same)
  3. JoshW

    Wanted - caving suits and fleeces

    That is a sexy wetsuit, what thickness is it? Wondering if my cake loving ass would fit in this 🤔
  4. JoshW

    Kendal film festival underground night

    Is there gonna be one? Who’s lined up for it? Being anti-wetherspoons (f*** tim Martin - knobhead?) proposing a post talk session 🍺 in the clock tower, directly next door, closer to the town hall.
  5. JoshW

    New Descent editor?

    I guess that depends on which service you’d use, there’s various models available with it. Just can’t imagine I’m the only one who would subscribe if there was a digital option but with a paper option I’ll just wait til next time I’m in a caving hut!
  6. JoshW

    Reporting from Congress!

    Earlier in the year the BCA was able to provide two university groups with a grant to attend the International Congress of Speleology in France. In the latest post on the BCA website, the clubs share their account of the event. This positive cross-border relationship building is something I can...
  7. JoshW

    New Descent editor?

    That's a superb front cover, and massive thanks to Chris and Judith for all their work over the years. I wonder if with new editors comes new ideas around how to get people access to Descent outside of paper copies (desperately hoping for an online subscription - cancelled all my paper magazine...
  8. JoshW

    Aquanaut ? a life beneath the surface (Rick Stanton)

    Without intending on totally derailing this thread (although I haven't done that in a while..) so bored of this forum's bashing of the bloke. He's an active inspiration for getting young people involved in the outdoors. Even if they need a bit of gentle direction at that point to ensure...
  9. JoshW

    Cost of Caving Crisis

    Have a look at the cost of ex army dehydrated rations and tell me it’s still a cost saver 😅
  10. JoshW

    Petzl stop Vs other descending devices

    Viva la rig! I also believe simples have a place particularly for those learning to understand the principles. But viva la rig.
  11. JoshW

    For those who are scared..

    Mad Phil (I think through Ghar parau) had some stats about expected injuries per 100 hours doing activities and sports like football/rugby were a good 7/8 times higher from memory. I think the key issue here is the impact of an injury/incident, where even a small injury can have a large knock...
  12. JoshW

    Wanted - caving suits and fleeces

    Wet wellies have just closed down, don’t know if they’d have any kit they’d be looking at getting rid of. Might be worth commenting on the thread and asking 💪🏼
  13. JoshW

    Smaller Cavers - Getting an oversuit that fits

    Contact warmbac and see if they’ll do a custom job for you?
  14. JoshW

    Scout Cave Leader Training

    Another option if you have any questions about anything youth wise, scouts, schools, clubs or other is to reach out to the BCA youth and development officer at
  15. JoshW

    Scout Cave Leader Training

    I’m with @PaulW, and he’s not able to access his account at the moment. @beardedboy I’m going to PM you his email to reach out to him and he’ll get back to you 👍🏼
  16. JoshW

    Scout Cave Leader Training

    @PaulW you’re needed here!
  17. JoshW

    Footloop as 'spare' length of rope

    That's not to say that a lot of the skills aren't transferrable between peer to peer and instructor to client, but a lot of the issues that might crop up will be different and the way to solve them may therefore be different
  18. JoshW

    Footloop as 'spare' length of rope

    for the 25 quid it cost, the CNCC workshop I attended was unreal value. Ian's summary above is bang on I think regarding peer to peer rescues as opposed to instructor to client rescues. Can highly recommend them. Now to make sure I'm available for the next geology one that comes out as I was...
  19. JoshW

    Footloop as 'spare' length of rope

    For full completeness, having spent some time faffing on a CNCC rigging training course yesterday. I've now got my length of Dyneema (about 4m ish) attached to a carabiner (that fits through the top hole of a roll) with a barrel knot. The Dyneema works with the teeth on a micro-traxion and...
  20. JoshW

    Is it to be Swinsto or Simpson pot for your pull through trip, that is the question?

    This set up interests me, having taken chuffing loads of rope down swinsto last time, I’m intrigued, can you talk through as I’m sure some of the pitches are over 16m