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  1. Mark Wright

    Choice of outdoor gear brand

    I think I've mentioned this before but, we had a saying at one of the rope access companies I worked for in the 80's; Vile Emptum Bis Emptum (pardon my poor Latin) The translation went something like, 'Buy cheep, buy twice'. After getting through 3 x cheep ratchet spanners on one job Steve...
  2. Mark Wright

    Pumping from Russett Well into the water mains............

    Dick Turner and Ian Rennie did most of the work clearing out the first squeeze and got everybody enthused about pushing it more. Although I have been to the bottom at -25m i’n pretty sure it was Tim who got there first. There were a few close calls during the exploration. I managed to rescue...
  3. Mark Wright

    Yorkshire to Cropredy or Banbury

    Glad you're now sorted. It turns out my next door but one neighbours are heading down in their camper van as well. Have a good festival. Mark
  4. Mark Wright

    Yorkshire to Cropredy or Banbury

    Andy Pringle is going to the Festival from the North and may be able to help. I'll PM you his contact details. Mark
  5. Mark Wright

    Call for speakers for a cave conservation festival

    Let me know if your speakers have quiet voices.
  6. Mark Wright

    Call for speakers for a cave conservation festival

    Hannah, I have a full PA system you can borrow. I'm sure someone from CHECC will vouch for its suitability. Collection from Sheffield. PM me. Mark
  7. Mark Wright

    Finally East Canal!

    Thanks for the PM Pitlamp. I didn't know that about Pongo Pete. I will have to get out for a pint with him. Mark
  8. Mark Wright

    Finally East Canal!

    Likewise. Did you (Alastair) get any contact details for him? Mark
  9. Mark Wright

    Best ever culinary song

    Toast, from the London album by Streetband.
  10. Mark Wright

    Temporary cave camp toilets

    We used Wag Bags during the Berger book expeditions and they worked a treat.
  11. Mark Wright

    Ecrin Roc with Petzl Duo for sale

    Well you learn something every day. Didn't you (Pete) buy my old Explorer? Mark
  12. Mark Wright

    Ecrin Roc with Petzl Duo for sale

    I had an Explorer and it came with the pipe fittings and bracket for the attached carbide lamp and electric combination, so technically speaking it's an Ecrin Roc with inbuilt Petzl Duo.
  13. Mark Wright

    Borrow a camping table??

    I’ve already spoken to Jane about borrowing one from me. I’m just waiting on Badlad to confirm picking it up from Sheffield on Friday
  14. Mark Wright


  15. Mark Wright

    Get your dose of some live music

    Andy Pringle called me earlier to tell me about a live folk music festival happening right now. Seth Lakeman on at the moment with an excellent line up. It goes on until 8pm. Mark
  16. Mark Wright

    UKCA Equipment Marking

    There hasn?t been much in the news about the new UKCA marking which will be required for all previously CE marked products being sold into the UK market. This is causing considerable debate between EU climbing equipment manufacturers who will likely have to have each of their products tested by...
  17. Mark Wright

    Land for Sale - Goosehill

    Just spotted this on Rightmove. See photo 2/7. Mark
  18. Mark Wright

    Caves & Cave Passages Named After Songs

    Following on from some of the stories of cave passages named after Stranglers tracks, I named the exposed traverse I originally climbed over the top of Cliff Cavern in Speedwell 'Risky Business' from SWAMP by the Talking Heads. Mark
  19. Mark Wright

    Hauling systems - (Split from: Win lots of shiny kit!)

    Topic split from competition thread: You need to re-calculate your mechanical advantages. Your photograph hauling the bag up the stairs is a 3:1. If you set up a similar system on the haul line you'll have a 9:1. Mark