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    Methods of protecting in-situ ropes from unwanted usage

    Sorry my open question was somewhat of an entrapment as I actually did get advice on this some time ago, and when you consider that 11 years olds have been held to have been able to appropriately assess risk whilst trespassing onto structures and therefore consent to it then this tripe about...
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    Methods of protecting in-situ ropes from unwanted usage

    Is there really any provable legal problems? I know it's armchair caving's favourite hobby to engage in liability related histrionics but at the point that someone is using a piece of fixed aid they understand the danger and willingly consent to the possibility of injury - otherwise they...
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    Planning permission sought for mobile phone mast near Bullpot farm

    I'll be more sympathetic to the Luddites and electrophobes when they are keen on getting rid of the modern innovation they call sheep and grouse farming and convert the Dales back into good quality peat bog. The area around the farm is an industrial landscape, a mast won't make a difference.
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    Anyone recognise these cavers?

    Brilliant. Is the picture he took on the ledge knocking about somewhere?
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    Caves in Peat?

    A woman of easy virtue? :D
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    Planning permission sought for mobile phone mast near Bullpot farm

    Ah brill, will be good to get some reception from the BPC
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    Caves in Peat?

    I highly, highly recommend nobody goes into peat pipes no matter their size. Whilst there is the illusion of stability the rooting zone of the veg above is predominantly concentrated in the top 10-15cm especially underneath the ericaceous veg where these pipes are likely to form. The substrate...
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    Cost of Caving Crisis

    We've turned off the hot water cos it's based on an immersion heater (no gas). It's saved a ton off the electricity bill - the shower is electric and just use the kettle for really stubborn washing up. I guess if the electricity gets really bad I will shower at work.
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    Bolting ethics underground and overground

    Funny to hear about shivering arete as it was my first E as well, but at the end of the day it's just a quarry, and they create new holds in the other ones by shooting at them 😂
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    What's water like in P8

    Am back up from my exile for a bit, anyone seen what water is like in P8? Third streamway open? Can we wander into caverns measureless beyond Sump 3? Has Christmas Aven sump dried up :(
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    Craig a'Ffynnon access

    Sounds like a lot of faff. I thought if you didn't like a lock down there you just dug a new entrance
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    Thirteen Lives

    Prime has a 30 day free trial that might be worthwhile
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    Dirty gold

    Is there a German trying to reinvigorate the British mining industry? I would indeed be pretty pleased!
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    Trouble at t'Cressbrook Mill

    How much will we have to pay for your mentoring?
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    Standing stones in grykes around Ingleborough

    Why? Even if they were at the same time
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    Anyone Got a Cave, Passage, Formation to Name?

    Platty jubes passage?
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    Hanging flat mine

    I think it would be scarier to find Roy in there than some other haunting spectre :D Anyways apparently I'm not the only one, I'm sure I read somewhere that Mr Beck heard shouting when they were filming whatever TV programme used the fake rocks
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    Hanging flat mine

    There's lots of stories on the web somewhere. Apparently there's an abandoned house above the mine that belonged to Cornelius Brushfield, some religious fanatic who didn't engage with the village. People have heard shouting from in there etc. After about two hours digging I heard people shouting...
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    Hanging flat mine

    It has shafts that drop down into it from the slope above which might explain the draft. There's some natural close to the entrance on the left branch as you go in, a phreatic in the wall on the left that continues right, which I'd guess is probably related to whatever the Layby Shelter dig a...
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    An interesting, although fairly loose parallel to the Open Access Caving debate

    The hysteria here is misplaced. You're acting as if the problems of erosion and littering are entirely new and unprecedented - they've always occured (Victorian hikers wiped out entire species!) And vandalism to caves (of which gates are a part) has principally been done by cavers not dog...