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    Hello from Descent

    Yeah where has Paul Marvin Gone - Great Photo's - and how is the dog with the smart shoes?
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    Lancaster Hole; Caution

    Does anyone know if this is still a problem? Is it pretty easy to avoid or has it been sorted? Thanks for any updates Pete
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    Found - Rope Simpson's Pot

    Cheers Langcliffe I was less worried about the rope than the mess. I always like Swinsto as it is such a clean refreshing trip - hopefully capable of cleansing itself after we visit, so long as we take our stuff with us.
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    Found - Rope Simpson's Pot

    Thanks JJ, thought it unlikely There was a black piece that I lent out, that was abandoned in Swinsto and has not been heard of since!
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    Found - Rope Simpson's Pot

    Was the rope Black?
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    Ario Caves Project

    Well done to all and good luck with an attempt on the climb if you get chance. Bet Mark could've done with that spare pair of pants when the belay broke! Nice that it was nothing worse.
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    Ario Caves Project

    Sorry forgot to add that it has been a pleasure sorting rope for a great project and I wish you all the best, even if the photographer will be going commando!
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    Ario Caves Project

    Nice work chunky, but from the photo it looks like you may have forgotten the underpants - Just Saying!
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    Is it to be Swinsto or Simpson pot for your pull through trip, that is the question?

    Good point because I did check 30 times for my share and who's to say we didn't all do the same. My money however is that there are Lurkers out there - come on show yourselves, join the debate. Even if you do select Simpson, it isn't the worst thing to get wrong!
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    Is it to be Swinsto or Simpson pot for your pull through trip, that is the question?

    Looks like Swinsto it is - what a winner.. However as it was 17 votes to 10 so only 27 votes total with 784 views, I feel we may be missing a few points of view Just saying
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    Station inn ribblehead

    Sounds like your becoming active again and need to shed the nickname - Simpson Pull through beckons and Slit pot is lying in wait!!!!!
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    Is it to be Swinsto or Simpson pot for your pull through trip, that is the question?

    It was a straight 2 option shootout The new kid on the block needs a little time to gain notoriety and then it can be rated against the traditional classics. Good call though
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    Is it to be Swinsto or Simpson pot for your pull through trip, that is the question?

    After a recent thread on a Swinsto pull through "Fatman" replied and suggested that "Simpson is probably better." Now my personal opinion is that they are both great sporting through trips, with a truly tremendous Master Cave and you exit right next to the car. However if pushed I prefer...
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    One word to describe caving....

    Absorbing - it seems to have absorbed most of my life!
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    Gloves for cold hands?

    Maybe you still need to go to Inglesport, but miss out the shop and go upstairs for a large breakfast. Feed the fire!
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    Bouncing metal work

    Interesting post, but one thing springs to mind. If you take more care and avoid dropping things, then you never have to consider any of this! A well known rope access trainer, who posts on here, once told me - I don't drop things, I am a rope access technician - simple. It always stuck in my...
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    Borrow a camping table??

    Nice one Mark
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    Borrow a camping table??

    We have one Just need to sort logistics
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    Calling Fatman

    If Fatman is out there and I have always been pretty sure he is, then he needs to read his messages as there is a PM waiting for him. Cheers Wardy
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    Oooh, have you seen my Lockdown holiday shots?

    With a week off booked many moons ago, it was obvious Wales would go into Lockdown and I would be back to inventive ideas to keep me, Sarah and Eadie from boredom. Once it was confirmed I started to read Mr Drakeford's guidance as I didn't wish to offend the man. He said I couldn't drive...