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    Wildplaces Publishing

    Just got a lovely email from Chris Howes re:the delay in despatching my order. Yes, they were in Mulu but back home now. And straight back to work. Much appreciated.
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    Wildplaces Publishing

    Many thanks for the replies. Happy knowing what's happening. As I said, never had a bad experience before.
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    Wildplaces Publishing

    Maybe not the right place to discuss this but nowhere really seems appropriate. First , I have never had any problem with transactions of any kind before with them. I appreciate there have been fairly significant changes in regard to Descent magazine. This is about the retail side of the...
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    Derbyshire Extensions Valley Entrance

    Anyone currently digging in Derbyshire Extensions? Or know who has been in the last few years or even more recent times?
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    Trip in FTFAGOS yesterday. Anyone know who is digging in there? Or maybe when it was last dug?
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    Darnbrook Pot

    Anyone know the ownership of the digs at the bottom of Darnbrook Pot? They look old and abandoned. Suspect CPC but so far no information found . Suspect they are from 1970s but would be interested in finding out.
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    SDS+ Cordless Hammer Drills

    I know this has featured a few times before but has anyone a current recommendation for a reasonably-priced, robust(of course) and reliable drill for bolting and other tasks underground? Or am I searching for something that doesn't exist? Many thanks for any assistance (or enlightenment...)
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    Corky's Pot rigging topo

    Anyone know where I can find the rigging information for Corky's Pot?
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    West Edge Hole Dig White Scar area

    A week ago, coming down from Tatham Wife Hole, came upon an old dig which I think may be West Edge Hole NGR SD727749. anyone know the history of this and why it was abandoned?
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    GG Mud Hall Traverse

    Anyone been recently to Mud Hall? What is the current state of the traverse?
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    Bar Pot Allen's Crawl

    At the bottom of Bar Pot first pitch. Very low crawl which quickly gets worse. Anyone know the history of this? I can understand John Gardener's comment but it has now been revisited......I would say,don't go there without a spade to dig your way out but the best idea would be not at all.....
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    Dig above Trow Gill

    Anyone remember this? About twenty years ago, on the way to GG, at the point on the track from Clapham where the path swings away from the wall, there is a low rock outcrop, which then had a downward sloping, narrowish entrance to a pothole, with a steel girder over. Returning to this on the way...