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    Is it to be Swinsto or Simpson pot for your pull through trip, that is the question?

    After a recent thread on a Swinsto pull through "Fatman" replied and suggested that "Simpson is probably better." Now my personal opinion is that they are both great sporting through trips, with a truly tremendous Master Cave and you exit right next to the car. However if pushed I prefer...
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    Calling Fatman

    If Fatman is out there and I have always been pretty sure he is, then he needs to read his messages as there is a PM waiting for him. Cheers Wardy
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    Oooh, have you seen my Lockdown holiday shots?

    With a week off booked many moons ago, it was obvious Wales would go into Lockdown and I would be back to inventive ideas to keep me, Sarah and Eadie from boredom. Once it was confirmed I started to read Mr Drakeford's guidance as I didn't wish to offend the man. He said I couldn't drive...
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    Exploring the "Dream" Cave

    With plenty of time on my hands what better than a quick doze in the garden. I had hardly nodded off when I spotted a previously unexplored stream sink just a short walk from on from Swinsto. Who'd have dreamt it? The stream was a little bigger than Swinsto and the water was quite a bit warmer...
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    Smell of oil in Poachers

    Went for a trip down Poachers today and as we approached the entrance we noticed a smell of oil in the woods. Once inside it became obvious the smell was being carried out from within on the draft. We were tempted to abort the trip, but decided to see what was happening in the streamway -...
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    The Great Swarthgill Hole Exchange

    I was never quite sure whether or not to write this down, but it always struck me as a great catalogue of circumstance and errors, mainly our of our own making that provided us with a challenge greater than we really required. Having seen the recent articles in Descent I was motivated to write...