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  1. jimmo62

    GB Rescue practice Sat March 26th - please avoid

    From CCC to Mendip clubs - Dear Club reps Mendip Cave Rescue will be holding a practice at GB on Saturday March 26th. Please do not issue keys to the cave on that day, in order to give them the necessary space. I apologise for the short notice for this. Graham Mullan...
  2. jimmo62

    can anyone use some Spell Technics FX2 lead acid batteries?

    We have 25 of these which we have not used in many years. Going free if they are any use to anyone. Current location near Bristol, probably too heavy to post!
  3. jimmo62

    Cuckoo Cleeves air quality question

    Hi, planning a trip to Cuckoo Cleeves soon, has anyone been down recently and if so what's the situation on air quality? Ta Jimmo
  4. jimmo62

    Padlock problem at Sludge Pit Hole

    We tried to get into Sludge Pit last night but after 20 mins of trying could not open the padlock (yes we did have the right key!) - it was just too stiff. Could be some lubrication would fix it but it might also be too corroded. Is there a contact at CSCC I can notify so they can maybe have a...
  5. jimmo62

    Rights of Way website

    The Ramblers have just taken a new site live to try to find missing rights of way - it's crashed due to the number of users at the moment but will hopefully be back up soon! It's easy to use and quite a fun way to spend a bit of spare time - and could help keep some old rights of way open...
  6. jimmo62

    Fenix head torch repairs anyone?

    Hi all My Fenix HL60 (same as HL55 but with USB recharging) is broken - there is a thin flexible printed wiring connector which runs from the LED unit in the main body to the switch PCB and this has broken off at the LED end which is inaccessible without further disassembly. I was going to just...
  7. jimmo62

    Watch lost Burrington Combe (Bath/Rod's)

    On behalf of a friend...... LOST! Please help! Share and tag to friends in the area. I lost my watch while caving in Tuesday 20th August in the evening. Lost at the top of Link lane in Burrington Combe. We were heading to bath swallet/rods pot. I was given this watch on my 18th by my mum so it...
  8. jimmo62

    Donated caving suit, Priddy 7th Aug

    Hi all I went to Swildon's with my skint mate who's a bit down, thought it would cheer him up. We had a great trip and when we got back to the changing barn there was a caving suit left with a sign saying to take it if you can use it. He was over the moon, he's been caving in soggy overalls for...