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    I wanted a space to put this meme I made up :-) Elise x
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    Cave/Mine at Stoney

    Hey! if anyone has any questions about this mine, give me a message. I can't say anything more because of (reasons...) but I have a lot of info :)
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    For those who are scared..

    Hi everyone ! I really want to find a neat way to help those who are beginning caving/ thinking of caving find it less intimidating. Does anyone know of any good statistics ( with sources?) which represent how safe caving can be ? For instance, I hear about how you are more likely to...
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    Historical Caving Attire

    I have to say a big thank you to the overwhelming response I have been given from this post! It's so lovely to read all the links, the experiences and everything that you have wanted to share with me. I will be making this in to a short documentary, so it's good to hear about it. Do keep the...
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    Historical Caving Attire

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    Historical Caving Attire

    Hello! I'm looking to do some research on the history of caver attire. (from tweed caps to hard hats!) -Does anyone recollect information from any books they know about the history of caver attire? -Does anyone have/know a friend who would be willing to lend me a working carbide lamp? For...
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    Filming Alumpot next week

    If you ever need a cave presenter, you know where to find me ! Regards, Your favourite caving-presenter :) https://youtube.com/c/EliseFreshwaterBlizzard
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    Carslwark Oyster bed question

    I feel silly for asking, so here goes: I remember reading / hearing somewhere that Carlswark Cavern's Oyster Bed is the largest in Europe. Can anyone confirm this? I'm looking for a source. More broadly: I'm looking for information on Carlswark Cavern. I'm just really interested in the place...
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    Purple Stalactites

    thanks guys! been wondering this. I've seen it in showcaves just as much in non-show caves, so was wondering what it could be. Interesting about the lantern flora, because I've seen this in non-tourist caves, too! Maybe it's a mix of both
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    Purple Stalactites

    The image below was taken this year in a tourist cave. I saw this purple tinge on the bottom right on the calcite. There was no purple lighting I this photo. My question is; why on earth is it purple ? What mineral creates this purple tinge ? this is not the first time I've seen it happen...
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    A video thread on UK Caving?

    Hi everyone, I thought I'd post my video on this Video and Photography Thread. I recently became an ambassador of Fenix and I wanted to create something for them that would represent how I personally feel about Caving. I hope that you resonate with it. This is the Youtube Link.
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    Rare Casting Call for Documentary!

    Hello everyone, I am looking for people within the caving community to discuss some subjects on camera to make my current documentary series I am producing a little more interesting. You will have the chance to discuss your ideas and factual knowledge on the subjects below. I am doing this as...