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  1. thehungrytroglobite

    Menstruating + Caving

    In preparation for a talk at CHECC & the next Speleo Sisters weekend on 'Crampy Caving: managing caving whilst menstruating' I've created a couple of short questionnaires. I'd be super grateful if as many people as possible could fill these out - they don't take very long, and there is one for...
  2. thehungrytroglobite


    Tell us about the worst cave you've ever done - and you might receive a free weekend at the MNRC hut in Mendip. Again, be sure to note your name and the club you represent at the bottom. Deadline 24th November.
  3. thehungrytroglobite


    Submit your entries for the CHECC Meme competition here! Again, no rules apart from that they're related to caving in some way. Please state your name and club. Winning club receives a free SWCC Weekend. DEADLINE 24th NOVEMBER.
  4. thehungrytroglobite


    This is the thread for submissions for the CHECC Poetry Comp 2022. Please post them below, INCLUDING your name and the student club that you represent. There are no rules apart from that the poem is caving related. The winner will receive a bundle of Descent magazines AND their poem will be...
  5. thehungrytroglobite

    Rowter Hole - weather

    I was wandering if anyone has info on how Rowter reacts to rain? Last time I was there some badgers were working on the stream just after the choke to divert the water so that it was a more weather-resistant trip. Does anyone know if this work was completed or if the water is still being...
  6. thehungrytroglobite


    *T-SHIRT COMPETITION ANNOUNCEMENT ---- DEADLINE OCTOBER 1* It's that time of year again... you have 3 WEEKS to design the best CHECC T-Shirt we've ever had. This is v important because it's CHECC's 20th Anniversary this year! So make them special! Your design will be worn be hundreds of...
  7. thehungrytroglobite

    Aquamud Sump

    Going to try and push Aquamud sump today... there was about an inch of airspace when we checked it yesterday so reckon it is ceiling-suckable. Bailing would be useful but it seems like there is nowhere next to it to put the water so might take a while, unless anyone knows how the siphon there...
  8. thehungrytroglobite

    Caving Memes

  9. thehungrytroglobite

    Surrey Caves

    Hi, Does anyone know how I gain access / info for caves in surrey? Sadly I had to leave the Dales last night and after a whole 12 hours in London I am experiencing underground withdrawals.
  10. thehungrytroglobite

    International Women's Day

    A happy International Women's Day to everyone, especially those female cavers that continue to be such badass inspirations on the daily  :clap2: Here's an interesting read on 'Katie Webb and the Cave Girls' to read over lunch. https://burgewords.com/tag/women-cave-explorers/
  11. thehungrytroglobite

    shuttleworth newt

    Does anyone know if the Shuttleworth Newt has been dated? If so, what was the conclusion? I haven't been able to find any detail on this. Thank you!
  12. thehungrytroglobite

    CHECC 21 Qualifying Entries

    Please write a short paragraph here, about what your club has been up to this year! It is necessary for at least one person from each club to post an entry in order to qualify for all of the other CHECC comps and prizes...
  13. thehungrytroglobite

    CHECC Poetry Comp 2021

    This is the thread for entries for the CHECC Poetry competition 2021, for which the incredible Tony Seddon will be one of the judges. Best poem will win 10 nights at the Mineries (Shepton club hut) for their club. Because this is the first year for the CHECC poetry competition, the theme is...
  14. thehungrytroglobite

    scylla & charybdis

    what is at the bottom of scylla and charybdis?
  15. thehungrytroglobite

    caving tattoo ideas

    Have been wanting to get a caving tattoo for a long time, but been held back by being indecisive about which tattoo to get. Please help me brainstorm some caving-related tattoos!! So far I've been thinking of: - a collection of notable formations from Easegill (ie. the colonnades, bob's boss...
  16. thehungrytroglobite

    what is an esoteric squeeze? and a capricious duck?

    having done the esoteric squeeze in question myself, I noticed no notably esoteric features about it besides some mild angular awkwardness
  17. thehungrytroglobite

    Free Diving

    Helloooo darkness-dwellers, I've never done a free dive before, however it is becoming more and more evident that I will need to if I want to do all of the caves that I want to do!! I was wondering if anyone had advice on how to start free diving, where is best for the first time, etc etc...
  18. thehungrytroglobite

    Wretched rabbit update?

    Does anyone have any updates regarding the entrance to Wretched Rabbit? Has any work been done on it over the summer?
  19. thehungrytroglobite

    CHECC T Shirt Competition "21

    Hello hello everyone!! After a brief one-year hiatus, the CHECC T-Shirt competition is back  :o This is the first and most important competition of the year, so get doodling. You have three weeks to design the best caving-related T-shirt that has ever existed. Deadline: 1st of November...
  20. thehungrytroglobite

    Lost: Inglesport Helmet

    An Inglesport helmet has gone missing, last spotted near the entrance to Notts 2 or by the Leck Fell road. We are hoping it will turn up as it might have grown legs and gone for a little wander but please contact me if a helmet in that area is found.