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  1. mikekushy

    A new cave on Mendips - The Last White Rabbit Hole (Tuska's Last)

    Many of you may have heard about this dig going on, or even seen it passing by. The site is next to a public walkway and roadside,so even if kept quiet it wouldn't go unnoticed...The land it is on however is private! The landowner has been kind enough to allow us to dig here, their request is...
  2. mikekushy

    Mount Olympus

    Hi all. I’ve put a post up on Facebook (cavers of Facebook) and not had much reply. I’ve been interested in Mount Olympus for some years now since visiting it, it has the greatest elevation from sea level and it’s peak is at just over 2900m. From a little research I’ve learnt it has Triassic...
  3. mikekushy

    Any caving contacts in Cyprus?

    Hi all, as the topic states...looking for cavers/contacts in southern Cyprus. Regards, Mike.
  4. mikekushy

    Wanted: Bosch 36v batteries

    Hi all. Looking for some more 36v batteries for a Bosch GBH. I'm an active digger and some more batteries will be very handy. Happy to buy second hand. Regards, Mike.
  5. mikekushy

    Cave name?..Owl Hole depression/area.

    Hi all, apologies if this has been asked before...what is the name of the lowest cave entrance in the Owl Hole depression (the one with the yellow gate), and does it go much deeper than the cascade chamber? Thanks, Mike.
  6. mikekushy

    Belts took from Daren entrance

    Hi all. Missing 2 belts left outside Daren Cilau entrance. On our return to pick them up they had gone missing, hopefully some cavers picked them up. If you know of their whereabouts please send us a message.
  7. mikekushy

    Bos Swallet, rallying for help.

    Hi, we're looking for some assistance in Bos swallet on Burrington if anyone is interested. The dig is looking interesting, there's a black draughting hole at the bottom of a steep rift about 2m ahead with a phreatic tube coming in vertically and directly above it. So I'm available most...
  8. mikekushy

    Capping underwater

    Has anyone ever tried capping underwater?
  9. mikekushy

    Lionels Hole

    Any info` on who has dived the sump in Lionels?
  10. mikekushy

    Craig A Ffynnon

    Sorry if there has already been a topic about this started before. A few questions: 1. Any theories on how close the cave is to Daren?where might any expected connection points be? (Height difference and length). 2. Is there any modern surveys available? I've noticed yellow dots about the...
  11. mikekushy

    MCR demo' in GB cave - Mendip CaveFest weekend

    *For anyone planning on attending the MCR demo, please make sure you read this...if you know anyone interested please share this info with them* "At present we are planning on having four underground work stations,1, Communications,(at the entrance to Mud Passage route from the Gorge) 2...
  12. mikekushy

    Bagpit Fissures

    Hi all, has anyone been to visit Bagpit Fissures (Draycott) recently? Or, does anyone know the owners of Bristol Plains Farm...or even possibly someone at the gliders club to get access for a look as there is no public path to it. Middle down drove is interesting also.
  13. mikekushy

    Sludge Pit Hole (SPH) - The dig so far.

    So, Our first official report online from our Sludge Pit Hole dig, for those who wouldn't know what we've been up to. I'm not great at writing up and I don't want to get too excited about this dig for specific reasons, so I will keep it minimal on just our active dig 'The Mud Tube', add some...
  14. mikekushy

    Digging and flood prevention.

    I'm looking for views on the prevention of flooding by re establishing natural sinks. For example, on the Mendips we are clearing out a Triassic age sink hole called Longwood Valley Sink....The sink potentially can take the whole overflow for the valley when In flood, and when the higher up...
  15. mikekushy

    Digger Recruitment

    Hi all, Sludge Pit Hole has become a bit of a hardcore dig lately, we recently had a drop in our cave passage which means we need more people to help us out...The ideal situation would be to have two teams. If you're available evenings mid week or possibly daytimes please get in contact...
  16. mikekushy

    Caving in Colombia.

    Hi all, Please see a draft of my kickstater project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/728119728/1521600733?token=51b212ca I'm not sure whether the project would generate much interest, so I thought I'd try it out here first. Thanks, Mike K.
  17. mikekushy

    Swildon's bad air.

    Hi all, Me and Wayne.S went into Swildon's on Saturday afternoon. The St Paul's series had quite bad air up to the Shatter junction, but was manageable. We then went to go check the water levels for the short round trip. As we got closer to Fault Chamber we noticed the air here smelt very...
  18. mikekushy

    Desmond's Hole

    Hi all, can anyone supply me with more information about the 'titled' cave? It's located close to Red Quar. Mike.
  19. mikekushy

    Eastwater, beyond the sump.

    Any information on recent digging attempts beyond the sump (southbank)? Also me, Kev H and Geoff Newton, all WCC made it down/up the technical masterpiece.... Perhaps Geoff at a young 71 years of age can claim the title of 'oldest TM visitor'? Mike Kushy.
  20. mikekushy

    Cow hole.

    Hi all. Does anybody have any information on Cow hole, Ubley. I.e. landowner and access rights, or if anyone has visited the cave recently.