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    The publication date for issue 289 is the 10th of December, meaning subscribers should receive their copies during the week leading up to that date. It is also available from caving suppliers such as Inglesport and Starless River, or from our new website

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  1. J

    Cost of Caving Crisis

    If you are in credit by a large amount, you can ask for a refund, if they refuse put in a complaint. If they haven't given you a refund in 8 weeks, make a complaint to OFGEM. They will ring you within 24 hours and you will get your refund. But do remember some credit is needed to get you over...
  2. J

    Found in Scanty Lardos

    I found a sling and krab in Scanty. Let me know if there are yours
  3. J

    Jingling Pot - The tree is about to fall into it

    Just in case anyone is planning to go down Jingling Pot, I will save you the walk. The tree is about to fall down it.