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  1. Henry.M

    Furry suit re-fluffing

    I've a couple of furry suits which have lost their original fluff and warmth, the label says to 'Brush to restore pile'. I've tried this with limited and slow success, does anyone have any top tips for restoring fluffiness? Thinking of the type of brush etc.?
  2. Henry.M

    Lost: Tackle sack and ladder, swildons

    I've managed to misplace a purple tackle sack with a ladder and lifeline that I used on a Swildon's trip recently. It's possible that I left it at the barn in a moment of forgetfulness! Has anyone seen it? (The rope will be marked UBSS) TIA!
  3. Henry.M

    The rope that I won!

    I've been rubbish at taking cameras underground recently, but here are some pictures of me using my shiny new 100m of SpanSet rope than I won overground! It turns out you can have a lot of fun in a student house with two entrances to the attic...!
  4. Henry.M

    Carabiner found near Longwood

    Found in Mendip this weekend, message me if it's yours :)
  5. Henry.M

    Caver Post - Yorkshire to SWales or Bristol

    Is anyone heading from Yorkshire down to South Wales this weekend (or Bristol area any time?) I have some shiny rope to make it's way to me! Thanks in advance