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Espana, Costa Blanca, eye candy bimbly trip
« on: April 11, 2010, 07:47:27 pm »
My caverings buddy, Bru, and his wife have bought a house about an hour inland well away from the coastal honeypots of the Costa Blanca and there's masses of caves, climbing and rural noshings on tap! Taking him up on an invite to check things out, I popped over on a Ryanair "el cheapo" flight (£32 return) for a three day recce, and on arrival at the airport, mid-afternoon Bru said "Do you want the good news or the bad news?". I said, "Bad news, please" to which the response was "We're going caving right now!"... What was the good news? "Viv's bought you a bottle of wine". Coolio!

Bru had all the gear (and an idea) so we drove up to the mountain and parked up before a ten minute walk brought us to the entrance. Suitably equipped we descended into a non-technical but pretty flippin' precipitous and deep and pretty cave for a couple of hours' bimble.

Bru admiring the botryoids

We enjoyed the exploratory trip, just doing route finding, checking out a load of positive maybes and generally having a good look-see, all the while building up an understanding of the various inter-relations of the cave's chambers, pathways etc..

There's plenty of excellent condition formations in the cave and much more besides what we managed to visit on this quick intro trip; must go back and get some better pictures sometime...

Well worth a visit: Bru's got a fair amount of caving kit at his house so if you're thinking of just taking hand baggage and flying out for a trip it's worth getting in touch. There's masses of SRT caves, too, and there's also kit out there to do them.

Enjoyed some excellent rock-time, too, doing some climbing on the following two days before heading back to the UK, champing at the bit to return to southern Spain for more of the same! :-)
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Re: Espana, Costa Blanca, eye candy bimbly trip
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2010, 12:10:44 am »
Nice write up Chris, I look forward to your next visit, theres one or two more things to check out over there :)


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