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Stoke Thrupe Lane
« on: June 17, 2010, 10:19:32 pm »

Originally planned to be a memorial trip for Dave Westby, Pikey Dean, Bru and I had decided to do a Stoke lane trip as this was the last cave Dave was in with us, and Dean had not done Stoke.  However after zooming over to Brucie Towers straight after work for an early evening RV, we waited and waited for Dean. A few phone calls later revealed Dean was head down in a work project and couldn't make it. Bru and I had both been in Stoke a couple of times and, well to cut a long story short re-thought the plan.

So after a jug of coffee and a root through Bruce's spare kit cupboard we were SRT'd up with enough rope to rig a ship, and heading for Thrupe Lane Swallet.

I like Thrupe. It doesn't like me. I always come out with a cut something or a hurt bit. Tonight would be no exception.

Having never been via perseverence pot (due to a near death experience with Cap'n Chrispy :blink:) we decided, as there was no water, to go that way so after a bit of stringing and zinging we were one rope lighter and on the way down. Got a bit "confused" through some boulders that might have moved since Bru's last visit and down to the marvellous Marble streamway which had a decent amount of water in it. Strung up some more string (thankfully NOT Bru's 5mm speliosuperlite cheesewire) and zipped down.

I'd never seen the bottom so dry so we squelched off in to the dank lower depths past slither pot where the mud and leeches live. Found the old hawserlaid handline and slithered up to the rift that's usually flooded, but there's not much there apart from a nasty slide back down on to some punji spikes below.
With time marching on we headed out with a fairly uneventful exit, Bru heroically climbing up  the main chamber pretty much all the way (protected by chest jammer, natch). 8)

About 2 weeks ago I had a slow speed but spectacular bike crash, where I did about 5 forward rolls before hitting a tree and the bike landing on my leg. A result of this was a flap of leg, right on the shin bone,  being munched by the chainrings and V. painful. You can guess wha thappened next. Thankfully after climbing perseverence (easier to climb than prussik) I managed to smack the exact spot on my leg which had almost healed but was still soddin' painful, with a pointy rock. Cue howling and swearing. Like I said, Thrupe always bites me somehow.

Anyway apart from that 'twere a bloody great trip, capped off with a bag of chips in Wells. :clap2:
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