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Southern series of Box Quarry 19th September 2012
« on: September 23, 2012, 02:54:35 pm »
who: Dave G, Kyrylo M, Monkzy, Brian C, Buxus, Root, Toad, Brian 
where: Southern series of Box Quarry
when: 19th September
link to photo album
Jack's entrance Box Quarry
Southern Series of Box Quarry

This trip was meant to be a sedate walk around the southern series of Box. I had promised Brian C a slow trip with no crawling (a broken promise). I had strained my hamstring playing squash the week before so I was not racing. It was Kyrylo first visit to Box Quarry and his first visit to a bathstone quarry. It was Monkzy's first trip in ages after having had to overhaul his car. Buxus (who lives in Box), Root, Toad and another Brian turned up in response to my last minute invite.  The plan was to take a much closer look at the southern series as I usually pass quickly through it on the trip to backdoor.  I wanted to try out my new magnified versions of the Box survey for my failing eyes. I have just acquired an A3 all in one printer and scanner with a laminator too. I put the survey on two A3 sides and laminated them so that I could see the details better. No one seemed impressed with my new toy - almost everyone knew the quarry better than me (Buxus lives on Box hill) and disdained the use of a survey - never mind a magnified one! 

Fate was turn this sleepy trip into an epic (well not really thankfully but something to sweat about), the trip started with careful searches for graffiti, examination. and taking of photos. Everyone was happy enough chatting and explaining to Kyrylo various features underground. Buxus was constantly climbing over deads and examining the farther end workings. He had done this trip many times and was interested in rummaging around the parts he had not done before. As usual in Box we winced as we passed under boulders that had delaminated and parted company with the ceiling but still held in position by an original rotting timber.

Buxus's lucky escape

However while we were capturing graffiti in an end workings, Buxus found a rift (a fault or possibly a gull feature). At the bottom if you look up you can see an enticing passage at the top with a reasonably easy climb up to it. It probably gets very close to the surface.  Buxus climbed the rift and found it went no where and so began to make his way down. He was on his own and no one knew he was up there but he was within a shout of the rest of us. As Buxus made his way down he rubble he had climbed started to move down, and Buxus found himself surfing a short distance on one of the two larger boulders - the smaller rubble held back by these boulders also moved and trapped Buxus legs up to the knee.

Meanwhile the first we heard about this was an almight road and rumble of falling rocks. I have never been in  a quarry when there has been a fall - although there plenty of evidence of past falls. Even at the distance I was from it - it was terrifying .. Root was closest then myself and we could see a light up the rift
as rock continued to flow down. One of us was up there and the rock was still falling. It was Buxus shouted Root!?! However we kept our distance thinking that Buxus was safely above it. It took us a while to realise that Buxu was trapped and was in pain. Rock was still flowing but we were paralysed - what could we do? Root talked with Buxus from a distance from the rift - during this Buxus manged to push one of the larger boulders further down the rift and grabbed the opportunity to free first one then his other leg. After this Buxus adrenalin charged moment Buxus took what seemed ages to compose himself and come down from the rift. We realised why later - Buxus was white and probably in shock .. his sense of balance was gone and he was swaying. So he lay flat on the floor to recover. He was in some pain and decided to remove his wellies wondering what damaged he had sustained. We were considering carrying him out, but after a hesitant start the old buxus balance came back and he came out under his own steam.

Thankfully a lucky escape, one that Buxus will remember for sometime. I am thankful we did not have to face the problem of freeing Buxus. This could easily have endangered Buxus and those attempting it.

Here is one of pictures taken in somewhat bad taste showing Buxus recovering after a big fright - in shock. 

Buxus's rift - with the lower of the two large boulders at the bottom of the rift with the second large boulder hanging and defying gravity!?!

Root at the bottom of the rift - standing on a new pile of rubble before his pushed the lower boulder down completely

Photos before Buxus's rock fall

Root pointing out an error in the calculations

Kyrylo from the ukraine with Root showing Brian c that he does clean graffiti too

Brian C observing the different lengths of soot marks above a lamp holder

Graffiti - P Lawrence 1910

Photos after Buxus's rock fall

Root went back with Buxus and after a discussion somewhat reluctantly we decided to continue our trip.   

Modern graffiti - sending Brian C into palputations

A refurbished black horse?

clown face

coiled anchor - or Brian C's heraldic symbol?

Waggon brake with Brian c's hand

The story of how a guard narrowly missed shooting someone - send for the scripta legenda if you want to read the story

Admiring the stone crane in the southern series (DP crane no 10)

Cogs and gears complete with windlass

Kyrylo besides the stone crane

Paintball residue

Erotic engraving

Graffiti date 1865

Modern and original graffiti complete with genitals

Shoddy BEC lamp

Foreman with bowler hat and lamp

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