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Box Northern Explore - 10th October 2012
« on: October 21, 2012, 04:01:49 pm »
who: Dave G, Pete H, Simon P (Monkzy), Brian C, Rob Purplelemur, Root, Madrab, Hatter + 1
where: Box northern workings explore
when: 10th October 2012
Box Northern workinsg explore = 10th October 2012

Another trip is needed to this part of the quarry as  I did not have my camera on this trip, but if I am lucky Simon will put some of his up.
Massive turn out on this joint trip with DP. The plan was to indulge my poor knowledge of Box and visit some areas of the points of interest in the northern workings that I had not visited before. I was keen to capture some of the graffiti. Somehow I was the navigator in the company of at least three other people who knew Box better than myself and another two who seem to have photographic memories. No reason to complain in Box but my leadership was not really required but it was indulged as I was allowed to point to where we wanted to go next.
Sadly this meant that Rob who had never visited Box before missed out on the cathedral. Although Hatter accompanied his charge to the cathedral (she was worth the effort), but the rest of us were too thirsty and ignored the cathedral in favour of longer time in the pub.
Brian C was also along with us - he was worried by the pace we were likely to set and was starting to disbeleive that my hamstring was still injured. He was also still banned from DP (but he is now readmitted after an opinion poll).

 A little navigational wobble on the way to AO route we had a quick look at the saw bench before taking the left turn into the northern workings (Hazlebury quarry?). I was suggesting that the survey was wrong as we climbed over deads just before the split in the passageway heading straight north after some initial phaffing around. We saw the first of the dodgy looking timber supports that seemed
to be common in this part of the quarry. Afte rclimbing down from the deads we turn left again SW and climbed over the collapse.
We found a view into a chamber full of pit props but whilst with hindsight this was the window - I was convinced the window on the survey was at the collapse itself. It was not but luckily pete and madrab pressed on NNW and found a route through to some other passages
- which did not fit my reading of the survey either - we pressed on nervously, and were rewarded with more views of dodgy timber supports
and the remains of a music hall poster - advertising a performance by Colonel north. A photo of this would be good - hint hint.

 We did a crawl and onto more passageways but it closed down so we started to backtrack - Root and hatter had been chatting but eventually we made sure that everyone had seen the poster. Sadly none of the crime scene investigators on the trip was able to guess much of the remaining words on the poster. We backtracked to where we had climbed down from the deads but carried on NE to meet up with the AO Route- than we headed left again almost straight away on a NW heading to reach a collapse. This caused us some problems before we found a promising route onward. Sadly the rear of the party discovered an even more promising route and I had to race after the would be explorers at the head of our party to bring them back. Somehow this was achieved - probably because Root was adamant it was the way on and Pete and Madrab were already a distance away and increasing. Finally we did a little loop and found then replayed our route back to AO route.

Just before the Tank/Well on cliftworks passage - we visited another point of interest that had failed to get my attention over 10 years of Box exploration (next to the main AO motorway). Again no photos..huh

We then continued along Cliftworks passage and climbed up the side of the passage to find another stone bench and some lewd graffiti which was censored from the scripta legenda.. but had at least made it as a point of interest on the survey. Gratified we tried and failed to find the other point of interest and did an unintended loop back to ourselves and re-found some graffiti we had photoed earlier!?!

It was getting late so mention of the pub prevented any further exploration and we raced back along AO route - Hatter risked missing the pub and cave his lady charge a trip to the cathedral. Rob did not know this was worth seeing and joined in the rush to the quarrymans.
Brian C was also moving faster than I had seen him move before .. he is definitely speeding up.

Good trip - good time in the pub pity about the lack of a camera