Author Topic: Birthday squeeze Swildons two - 14th November 2012  (Read 799 times)

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Birthday squeeze Swildons two - 14th November 2012
« on: January 20, 2013, 06:27:56 pm »
who: Dave G, Scott W, Steve B, Rob Purplelemur
when: 14th November 2012
where: Swildons Two - To Birthday squeeze via sump one and the landing

To birthday squeeze via sump one and the landing

This was meant to be an initial route around part of the round trip route to fault chamber. But we started late and got
delayed at the ladder pitch by one BEC party (who jumped turn and made me livid) but we were assisted by another BEC party.
I was determined to make up the lost time, but Steve, Scott and Rob wanted to take their time and decided that a more sedate
trip was more in order. So we decided to go through sump one, and up the landing to see the birthday squeeze that I am now too
fat to pass. The others are understandably keen to do the round trip soon.
Here are some videos of the passing of sump one

Scotts turn to pass the sump

Here is the now trademark fingers pose on the other side of the sump besides the wookey hole sign

Here is a video of the handwaving next to the wookey  hole sign
Hand waving

The squeeze/climb out of the landing gave Scott more than a shock. I had not done it easily but Scott showed it was possible to do it worse.
So hopefully I got the camera out to capture Steves experience. Unfortunately he did it rather well much to Scott and my displeasure.
Steve - Emerging from the landing

Then it was onwards through the ducks before birthday squeeze
Steve face down through the duck

It then gets pretty

Before the threatening squeeze

I was very much aware that if the others tried to pass the squeeze I would be less than useless as they would have to come back
and the trouble series is not meant to be passed in our direction. So after many protests we returned to sump one.

Returning through sump one

We did not get back in time to make the pub!?! Not an ethical trip and not good for the blood pressure.