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Novice Trip - MPC
« on: February 07, 2013, 09:29:20 pm »

This year we will run a series of training sessions underground to support new and novice members.  These trips will look at basic underground skills, SRT, ladders and rigging.

This Saturdays trip is to the Long Churn and Alum pot series. This is an exciting underground labrynth of vadose and phreatic passages, with a few crawls and squeezes along the way, with options for getting wet along the way.
Looking at the group that have shown an interest, we could have a good selection of different activities going on. The plan would be to have possibly three trips, these being

A) A mainly horizontal trip with the use of handlines, and ladders if the group are up to it.

B) A trip for members wanting to improve their SRT, this will include some handline and horizontal work, but with the main focus, descending either end of dolly tubs, practicing ascending and descending.

C) A group who would look at rigging Dolly Tubs, and then descend to the bridge and beyond.
This plan is obviously fluid, depending on numbers, ability, and weather.
Timings - Meet at Inglesport for breakfast for those that wish at 10:00, this will give people a chance to hire any equipment needed for the day.

If you don't need any kit or food, feel free to meet at Selside for 11:00.

Costing - New or temporary members £5 temporary membership.

Let me know if you are coming, on here or PM




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