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Box tour - 2nd May 2013
« on: May 12, 2013, 04:41:41 pm »
who: Dave G, Simon P, Steve H, Katherine, Will, Pete H
where: Box tour - Cathedral, Robots, Windtunnel
when: 2nd May 2013
Link to photo Album

Box tour

The aim on this trip was to show off Box. The aim was to take in the Cathedral, the robots, and the MOD parts.
Will lived nearby in Colerne but had never been down Box before. Katherine a climber persuaded him to give it a go.
Steve H had mainly seen Box on one of our explore trips and had not seen the usual sights (having spent much of the trip clambering over deads). Will was not really brief what not to wear and cycled over from Colerne in shorts. The crawl in Backdoor gave him bleeding knees
- not a good start. It was a good turn out of the quarry explorers, but the cavers had mutinied from the trip and arrange a proper caving trip
doing the Rods through trip to Bath swallet the night before.

Here is our route

We started in Backdoor and headed via the OX route to Cathedral. It was still daylight outside and a better photographer than me would have made something special of the line shining down through the hole in the ceiling. We stopped for a while and admired the enormity of the Cathedral chamber

We headed south from Cathedral to B12 missing the easy route to B12 and pursuing a rather more perilous one taking in far too many falls
for our Box virgins. Eventually we reached B12 (one of the major routeways) and could relax on the navigation.

We started finding graffiti on B12 - A bicycle and a foreman

Aunt Sally - a wiltshire throwing game? and some counting

We admired some of Brunel's blockwork supporting passages near the railway tunnel

Another Box bird? - an owl

Fred Noble, .. 1887

Danger deep water - the well on B12

Dick Fletcher came this road may 3rd 1897

Simon playing the guitar with the robots

Fists up

A foreman smoking a pipe

Stop boy

Pair of faces


Two horses

Smoking a pipe

We headed to the wind tunnel from the robots had a quick look at the submarine door before backtracking to visit brewers yard remarking on the absence of the asbestos sheeting before heading up to sigma delta airshaft, the webb staircase and eventually around to the water tank
to pick up the AO routeway around to backdoor

Good trip and Will enjoyed himself (despite his bleeding and battered knees) he bought the drinks in the quarrymans.