Author Topic: 22nd May Lionel's hole not quite a proper round trip  (Read 734 times)

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22nd May Lionel's hole not quite a proper round trip
« on: May 23, 2013, 01:22:48 am »
Attendees: Ruth, Tim, Steve and guest caver Dave K MNRC

The plan was to do with round trip (using duck bypass) and also check out some of the other cave passage + otherside of duck 2. Dave K had not done the round trip before and joined us for the trip (skiving from his digging duties ;D :lol:

The cave was very dry - duck1 was merely a tiny puddle and duck two was more like duck 1 usually is - a muddy puddle. Due to the fact duck2 was so low we decided to head through it. We hadn't brought a survey with us as we were only intending to repeat the bypass trip we had done a few times before. Tim bravely headed off first, exploring various options. I got to the last section of the crawl and really wasn't enjoying it, mainly worrying being slim I'd slip into the hole to the side, and not get out. Tim and Dave headed off minus me to check out the way on. Caver fail on my part, in my defence it's been ages since I've done anything at all crawly/tight.

Time was ticking on and Dave had made it to the bottom of a loose looking chamber so headed back to join us. We retreated and headed up the bypass to continue with our known way round. Fast progress was made to Sandwich boulder and we decided to head down what I think is suicide rift. When we arrived at the bottom we soon realised this was where Dave had been earlier! So it was a round trip of a convoluted fashion!

We backtracked to find the climb up and squeeze though the ceiling, a few more squeezes through boulder ruckle and we got to another landmark, the muddy tube - for men the rock sticking up in the middle of the tube may prove more of an issue. (to manhood!)

Through the labyrinth, and back into the confusing upper series. I was glad to have Tim's kindly hints as I've still not got my head around it despite it being my 4th trip into the cave.

We let Dave down slightly by not quite undertaking the round trip as described in Mendip Underground, but we did do it all, just in a different order to the book!

If your not a fan of ducks now is the time to do the trip as they are very dry.

This is how duck 2 looked on my first visit to the cave last year:

This is duck1 on this evenings trip:

This is duck2 on this evenings trip:


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Re: 22nd May Lionel's hole not quite a proper round trip
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2013, 06:30:58 pm »
Talking of manhood, I gave mine a good bashing (pardon!?) on the way out of Duck 2...bit too enthusiastic to get out of there quickly!  :o

I also forgot to wear my gloves, so my hands and wrists got ripped to shreds.  A friendly cave Lionels is not!  It's a 'fun' little maze though