Author Topic: Wed 29th May - Videoing and a general potter round the upper series of Swildons  (Read 532 times)

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Present: Tim, Ruth & Steve

Last weeks trip was a bit of a mess. Steve and Scott had planned to do the round trip. Dave had planned an above ground rigging practice for the rest of us. I'd been ill over the weekend and bailed out of the trip on Tuesday night. Scott bailed out of the round trip due to work commitments, Tim had not heard back from Dave. I felt surprisingly okay when I finished work so rang Tim and we decided a quick potter round Swildon's upper series, Steve decided to join us and attempt to update Dave with the plans failed, so it was just the 3 of us in the end  - Sorry Dave!

The ropes/ladders were Scott and Dave so it was the upper series for us. We went in the long dry way. I was trialing the video function on my camera so annoyed the others filming them on the way Further into the cave we climbed up and squeezed into what Tim called 'Dave's pointless grotto'. We then headed to the top of the old 40. At the top of the climb down the small waterfall we had a bit of wait as there was a large group + young child, it was no bother though as it was nice to have a lazy trip underground. They'd rigged a rope to get the younger child down, I noted what they had rigged it off so I could use the same points when taking my daughter down this section.

Once at the bottom we (I) decided to look down Rolling Thunder, the other two bitched at me about getting wet, I didn't expect them to follow but they did.. We then headed off to the 20 to film the top of the pitch. On our way out we did a couple of loops of the wet way taking in the oxbows, I thought I'd not been there before, but soon remembered it. We managed to film most the key wet way bits, but I kept having to delete footage having filled up my memory card.

Steve exited through the tree hole for the camera having not been out that way before. Over all impressed with the video quality of my camera, but to get decent footage would need to cave slower and use a tripod to get steady shots, also need a much bigger memory card. It was the first evening in ages where it actually felt warm outside and it was nice to end a trip not shivering whilst getting changed!

Video to follow once Steve has mashed it all together in a vaguely coherent format!