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East Twin Swallet - 19th June 2013
« on: July 08, 2013, 07:55:53 pm »
who: Dave G, Scott W, Tim T
where: East Twin Swallet
when: 19th June 2013
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SBSS dig history
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First trip to East Twin Swallet

This was Tim and Scott's first trip into East Twin swallet. It had been a long time since I had ventured into it and
had stopped at the squeeze that is no more. Both Tim and Scott were keen and had made copies of the survey. Whereas
I was relatively dragging my feet - expecting it to be tight and horrible and short. But I was wrong this is an excellent
cave. The engineering is on a par with anything that the forest do - that is its impressive.

Here is Scott boldly climbing down into the entrance - I did not remember there being an open climb down.


Lots of engineering B&Q must have done well off the diggers (UBSS).


The winch

Scott led the way over to Spar pot followed by Tim while I was last. It did not look to be loose anymore. We had seen warnings but it seemed
okay now.

Tim and Scott at the bottom of the main rift - or rather a little climb down at its bottom - before cutting back to a little crawl (the tube)


I am not really sure how far we got - the survey in mendip underground is difficult to understand - I stopped just short of the hairpin bend
whereas Tim and Scott continued on to a split in the passage that rejoins and creates a little loop. They crawled down both passages and met
to look into another chamber but then returned to me.  I could not work out where this was on the mendip underground survey.

The sump - we visited on our return

A formation on the way out!?!

We decided the hunters was too far and went Rickford and plume and feathers for an excellent pint of potholers - I am starting to make a habit of deserting butcombe!?!