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Rod's Pot to Bath Swallet through trip - 17th July 2013
« on: August 03, 2013, 02:34:14 pm »
who: Dave G, Rowan W, Scott W
where: Entering through Rod's Pot exiting from Bath swallet
when: 17th July 2013
Link to photo album

Rod's Pot through to Bath Swallet

Scott did this trip recently so we let him show us how he did through trip - pre-rigging a single ladder down shower pot in bath swallet
and using the fixed handline in purple pot Rods pots. It went pretty smoothly with minimal kit - I guess I would still prefer to use my own
rope for a pull through on purple pot. But just using one ladder for shower pot and doing the side climb up worked a treat. Scott even
went down shower pot to make sure the ladder was down far enough - dedication. We also let Scott descend purple pot first so that if
the connection was flooded we could go and get the ladder. Although he would probably have climbed purple pot by then.

We entered Bath swallet and pre-rigged shower pot where I broke the rules and persuaded Scott to use the natural rather than the bolts with the big rope loop I had brought for the purpose. He agreed when he saw the rope/ladder rub grooves in which our ladder ran.

The entrance to Rods pot

We re-traced our steps and Scott led the way into Rod's pot - the wonderfully sunny evening contrasting massively with the
dour muddy crawl that greets you just inside Rods's Pot.

Scott just inside the entrance - yes its horribly muddy

Soon joined by Rowan

Scott led the way over to purple pot and quickly descended and inspected the connection. He used the fixed line as a handline
as I went further and used in completely by abseiling down it on an italian hitch (bring my own rope next time). 

Scott in the connection

Rowan at the top of purple pot

Rowan descends purple pot using the fixed line as a handline

Rowan joins us in the connection

We had a quick look around the aven above the connection before the crawl proper but did not find much but we did not push everything

The crawl in the connection - Rowan and Scott (just)

There is a nice man-made climb out of the connecting crawl

Rowan emerges from the connection into Bath Swallet proper

Scott emerges from the connection

We had a look around the wessex dig in Bath Swallet - I was surprised how much further it had gone
since I had last seen it. I eventually found a little metal ladder and then stopped at the top of
a 8 foot pit. The ladder would have been more use at the bottom of the pit - we were puzzled why it was where
it was but left it untouched.

So we re-traced our steps and continued our through trip by climbing up the side of shower pot to the bottom of
our single ladder. I lifelined scott from below before letting scott lifeline us from above.

Here is some of the ropework at the top of shower pot in Bath Swallet after getting Rowan up.

The exit from Bath Swallet

Good trip but we headed back to Bristol for an early night rather than visit the hunters. We must have been ill.

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