Author Topic: Ubley Warren Pot 9/10/13  (Read 638 times)

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Ubley Warren Pot 9/10/13
« on: October 10, 2013, 08:11:40 pm »
Attending: Dave, Steve, Scott, Jennie & Ruth

We arrived at the farm, and had a chat with one of the people in the houses who confirmed okay to park there. We got changed, but Jennie had got stuck in traffic and was running late. Dave had confused the cave with another cave of a similar cave so had all his ladders out. Once description was checked we realised we only needed 1.

Whilst Jennie was caving 3 of us went ahead to find the cave entrance. We found the depression easily, and soon found what we thought was the Nettle Pot entrance. After much wandering through nettles we found what we thought was our cave entrance. I forgot to bring something to make the lock easier to open, so I was in the bad books when it wouldn't open. After we all had a go it was Scotts turn and he opened it without too much bother. The others headed down into the cave, but after not too long realised we were in Nettle Pot, so Dave and I headed back to the other entrance where Dave quickly rigged the ladder.

Jennie and I headed off to explore the cave making light work of Crinoid crawl. The volume of fossils in this cave is fantastic. I really enjoyed looking at all the shapes and layers in the rock, I think Jennie was probably just wishing I would hurry up.

We explored various ways on, one in particular went through some scaffolding shored up boulders and terminated in a pretty grotto and a wet dig. The air didn't feel great down there, but I was the only one who appeared to be suffering. It seemed to take me forever to get back where we had come from, but I felt better after sitting still whilst the other's poked around in various places.

Scott found the pretty grotto with stals with tiny helectites and straws from the ceiling. Once we'd poked in some more dodgy looking holes we headed out.

Whilst the others derigged we had another poke in Nettle Pot, where the protruding rock in the downwards descending passage stopped Scott from going any futher, he thought gravity would help him down, but it was so tight it was doubtful he would get back up.

The Hunters was calling so we decided to head back to the cars. The Hunters has new soup which aside from the fossils and grotto was the highlight of my evening, mmm pumpkin!

An interesting cave, but some of the boulders did make me feel quite uneasy..

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Re: Ubley Warren Pot 9/10/13
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2013, 08:43:54 pm »
Good report and photos.  It was indeed full of lots of great fossilised bits and bobs, including the biggest crinoids I've seen in a cave.  It was fun routing around in a cave we haven't been in, and the grotto was a real bonus, but it's definitely the most unstable feeling one I've been in so far