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Cuckoo Cleeves - 13.11.13
« on: November 15, 2013, 09:02:26 am »
Cavers: Steve B and Scott W

We arrived at the Hunters shortly after 7.15, and the weather was turning miserable. We changed at the back of our cars in the car park and started the trek up the road towards the cave. After crossing the slurry-like mud and cow crap combination of the fields we reach the depression in which the cave entrance resides. Getting down to the entrance in the dark without slipping in mud and cow product was certainly a challenge, but we made it down unsoiled! We rigged the short climb down into the cave with a ladder and lifeline and I lifelined Steve in, then he lifelined me from below. We made it into the cave for about 20.00hrs. We made our way down through the choke of boulders and descended the small rift to the passage floor on the left-hand side of the chamber. We followed the pathway down to the drop/bold step which bypasses the awkward climb. We began to explore the up-slope boulder choked area to the right and then made out way through the low passage into Flat Roof Chamber.

There are several enticing little holes in the boulders which we squeezed through and followed as far as we could. We had a look at a dig area, as evidenced by rusty shovels and buckets, and ascended up through a boulder choke passing some nice, but rather brown stained formations, and a fantastic little crystal pool. After a thorough explore of this area we began our descent down the Canyon to the evidence of previous digging at the bottom. We passed through the 3m crawl and made our way up into the inclined rift. We ascended the rift all the way up to the connecting tube for the Lake Extension, but decided that it really did not look too inviting. Steve might fit down it, but I certainly wouldn't! Breathing was a bit laboured here and we weren't sure if it was the climb or the air, no other symptoms of bad air were experienced though. We descended back towards the base of the rift and carried on through the T-shaped passage down to the stream. This leads to the stream inlet and sink. We explored this small area as far as we could and then decided it was time to head back out. An uneventful return journey saw us emerge into the entrance depression at about 22.25 to be greeted by wind and driving rain, lovely!

After de-rigging the pitch and locking up the cave we walked back to the Hunters car park and got changed into dry clothes. As it was twenty to eleven we decided on a quick drink (and cheese and onion roll for me) before heading home.

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Re: Cuckoo Cleeves - 13.11.13
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2013, 05:29:39 pm »
Was an enjoyable trip and was good to remind myself that the approach to the lake seems like a squeeze too far.  I was enquistive about following the crawl past the sink, and did for a little way....I expect it just chokes up

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Re: Cuckoo Cleeves - 13.11.13
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2013, 10:21:06 pm »
Why not park by the field gate? It saves a long walk...  :-\
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