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Browns Folly - 4th December 2013
« on: December 21, 2013, 10:09:55 pm »
who: Dave G, Scott W, Steve H, Neil C
where: Browns Folly Quarry - Pit prop passage and a crawl over deads to main passage
when:  4th December 2013

A little loop around Browns Folly

It was Neil first trip underground with us and his first trip to Browns Folly. He is an experienced and skilled cave leader. Scott had visited once before but wanted to take a more archaeological interest on this occasion. Steve has been in Browns  Folly a lot helping Brian out recently, but tonight it was time to give conservation a rest and explore the quarry.

We entered through muddy hole and headed for Clapham junction. Here is a view looking north from Clapham junction.

Scott took an interest in these triangular teeth features that are quarrying artifacts the remains of holes made for wedges and chips to split blocks off stone from the walls.

We headed north towards pit prop chamber

Passing some old graffiti

But on arrival at pit prop chamber we decided to explore pit prop passage passing through dangerous roof collapses

Before returning to pit prop chamber and the usual tourist itinerary

Neil, Scott and Steve admiring the square well

Neil makes a closer inspection

The open ferret hole

Graffiti explaining the ferret hole

We then explored some passages to the south of the ferret hole

We then continued south down back passage

At the end of which we admired some gours and calcite flow stone

The gours


After which the trip took a more arduous twist as I decided to take the route over deads to main passage! This was more complicated than expected and we had a long flat out crawl. Steve our only smoker was not happy. When we reached main passage we examined the steel plate and felt a strong draft and heard the sounds of fans. Restore are now using 19/20 district!

We headed west along main passage and tried but failed to find the route to the southern stables. Time was pressing and there was not much enthusiasm for more crawls and so we returned by following main passage northwards to the steps and returned to muddy hole which was marked with two rather good led lights by some other explorers. Rather effective at signalling the route to muddy hole, but rather trusting but certainly better than a trail or tea lights or worse the J-graffiti route marks (that Jasper denies are his).  The muddy duck was as friendly as ever and we got a seat by the warm fire.

Good trip

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Re: Browns Folly - 4th December 2013
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2013, 11:51:26 pm »
Great report and piccys. Hoping to get down there myself sometime soon. :thumbsup:


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