Author Topic: Browns Folly - Southern Stables 18th DEcember 2013  (Read 1534 times)

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Browns Folly - Southern Stables 18th DEcember 2013
« on: December 28, 2013, 09:47:14 pm »
who: Dave G, Brian C
where: Southern Stables Brown's Folly
when: 18th December 2013
Link to photo album

Unfinished business in Southern Stables

First there were four for this trip but then the rain came down and roads were blocked and after picking a copy of mendip underground two of us decided that walking through the woods was not wise and roads were closing because of trees being blow over. All rather dramatic but after carefully stashing my copy of mendip underground. Brian and myself threaded ourselves through the new fence and thicket barring access to the woods and made our way into Browns Folly Quarry. The aim was simple neither of us had visited the Southern Stables. In my last trip into Browns I elected to avoid the route marked crawls and went over deads to find a more complex route and flat out crawls. So this time we decided to go for the simpler route marked crawls.

We followed front passage around and then took the East-West connection across to the R&S graffiti on main passage.
Here is the view looking west.

Here are some straws forming over deads

Eventually arriving at main passage and the R&S stencilled graffiti and more comfortable

The nearby comfortable shit graffiti

 Saw bench on main passage

Remains of a boot on the deads next to main passage

More remains of a boot

Calcite flow near the boot remains

Another of Brian's treats off main passage - a crystalised water trough

Water pool and the trough

More artifacts

Finally we got down to our main task and carried on when main passage takes a sharp turn east and made our way towards the southern stables and the crawls. Thanks fully these were not as bad as the ones that we had tried last time and they were not flat out crawls - kneeling ones.

Here is my first view if of the stables as I emerged from the crawls

Here is the view looking back on the crawl

Here is a view showing the two compartments for the horses inside the stables

This is the first compartment with the remains of rotted wood from the mangers used to feed the horses. There is a stone water trough in the corner of each compartment

A closer view of the water trough

The view out of the stables

The second water trough in the far compartment

The precious remains of the manger

A water source - it does not look like horses were ever stabled here - too wet

A closer look at the artifacts - with the remains of an enclosed lamp

Glass remains possibly for the enclosed lamp

More artifacts - including a file, oil lamp and horse shoe

Engraving - Walter Love on the sides of one of the horse compartments

Brian inspects the floor whilst I photo the soot from the light left for the horses

A hook

Graffiti - Walter Love, Farleigh - 1886

More artifacts

Good trip - nice to see the stables for the first time and not as much crawling as feared

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Re: Browns Folly - Southern Stables 18th DEcember 2013
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2013, 09:51:55 am »
Good pictures - thanks for sharing.

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