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Box bimble - 27th December 2013
« on: January 02, 2014, 11:36:45 pm »
who: Dave G, Gary B, Monkzy, Buxus, Dazza
where: Box Quarry - Backdoor to Jack's entrance
when: 27th December 2013
Link to photo album

Box through trip and a visit to Westgate

This was advertised as a gentle post christmas bimble around Box.
I even persuaded my old friend Gary B to come underground as he had deserted Scotland over Christmas.
Gary was with me when we made our first explores of Box without the modern day SMCC survey. We were nervous wrecks we could not memorise routes that seemed so similar - we were used to caves. Later when we got hold of a survey and got used to the scale we would plot elaborate routes missing out collapses before we realised that they were navigation features rather than obstacles to be got around. Good fun though - but much easier to go straight through.

We were all seasoned Box explorers. But really for everyone except Buxus we were lost in Box as Buxus took over the navigation. He is so good at it you may as well. Some of the routes were definitely not well trodden.
An enjoyable trip which included: blocks of stone, hanging death, timber props and some graffiti.

We made our way in through Backdoor headed to Cathedral which was too large even for my new super light
to illuminate. The only way on is light painting. After Cathedral we exited from the back and then headed over to
Rems crawl before going over to Westgate, the pit, tuckers truck stop to the darkplaces breakfast room, then over to
the maze for some graffit before leaving from Jack's entrance.

Gary walking towards Rems crawl after leaving

Monkzy and Dazza lead further on along the passageway

Rems crawl after passing through it

Buxus planning his route to Westgate with Monkzy and Dazza

Some interesting blocks

Another view of the blocks

Waiting under a propped ceiling

More chatting next to a crane like timber prop

Box quarryman enjoy their Boxing - Pugilists John Fletcher and William Fingew?

The long walk toward westgate

A little further along

Some small blocks

The hanging death we passed underneath

We wished we hadn't as it is even worse from the other side - thankfully it can be by passed using an obvious passage to the right on the way out.

A line of ceiling props

Graffiti recording the inspection of this working in 1896

Proof that I now forget things easily - my light sabre lighting up the passage we had just come along. Nice photo but
totally unintended!

Another dodgy ceiling prop

Monkzy about to crawl under some girders and a minor rockfall

Oz in hobbit runes - an early darkplace's explorer (inner circle just). Sadly there are lots of these they must be nearly 2o years
old lucky Brian was not with us.

Resting in Darkplaces Tucker's truck stop - a breakfast hole they made and named after some graffiti by Tucker of the CSS.

Its quite homely

We finished off with a trip through the maze to see some graffiti - I was suffering from the lack of it

A ramp upon to deads - just the right size for a barrowway

Eventually emerging from the deads

Graffiti - a man in a bowler hat

Graffiti - another man

Graffiti - a stone crane

Monk's park ramblers - early explorers or quarrymen

We ended the evening with a pint of butcombe and some pork scratchings in the Quarryman's Arms. Good trip with an early start that allowed an unhurried trip ending in the pub. The best way


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Re: Box bimble - 27th December 2013
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2014, 11:21:03 pm »
Great pics, hoping to get down box for a photo trip sometime myself.


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