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Brewer's Yard 17th January 2014
« on: January 26, 2014, 01:45:35 pm »
who: Dave G, Brian C, Buxus, Dazza
where: Brewer's Yard Quarry, Rudloe, Box
when: Friday 17th January 2014
Photo album

Brewer's Yard Quarry - 17th January 2014

It had been ages since I had visited Brewer's Yard quarry. I now had a better camera and light and had recently acquired a rather expensive slave flash. Sadly I neglected to read the manual of the slave flash and forgot to charge up the light sabre and so after a few photos I did not have enough light and the slave flash was too bright. Brian was nervous about the rain lubricating the slope shaft. So we bought ropes and gear to haul him out which provided the evening with the main technical challenge. We succeeded with just a basic approach - without using most of the gear and Brian was happy enough, but a rematch is needed as it was harder for me than I expected.- next time he will have a hand line so he can use his boulder shifting muscle strength - or perhaps a pulley. The talk of roping the traverse and going around the corner to take photos of the shaft stayed as talk - partly because we ran out of time (going photo crazy) but also because someone had unloaded the hippo bags and taken the slings. 

Here is Dazza, Buxus and Brian in the main passage way of the upper level

Brian inspects a busted iron casing

A shot of the passage end workings with the slave flash

Sadly Here is one of my attempts with the slave flash before I gave up - I could have reduced the light and varied its field of view

Graffiti - J Hillier, .. 17th October 1902

Brian beneath a fragile looking timber holding up the ceiling

The shaft looking at the bolt protecting the traverse to the far side of the shaft

Another view from the southern side of the shaft showing the gloopy black clay on the far side of the shaft

Some of the passages amongst the deads leading to the southern view of the shaft

Looking down the steps to the lower level

A closer view of the arch at  the bottom of the steps

Inside the arch

Emerging from the wiggle into the lower level

Buxus inspecting finished stone in the lower level

William Lawrence, Rudloe Box

The finished stones again

Looking back

Buxus and Brian

Monks park quarrymen (the ramblers) 1997 - now water has washed it to look like 1977!?! Thanks Buxus for pointing this out by showing an earlier photo!

A Smith is a great man - the champion fighter of Box Hill and Box for the victory over Simpkins - Ass

Clearer graffiti from the Monks Park Quarrymen

Fletcher champion of Box beat Simpkins of this quarry 1894

Saw sharpening bench

Close up of the saw bench

Train worked by Fletcher and Simpkins

J Simpkins and Fletcher Boxing graffiti above the train

A faint train with realistic smoke

Another more sophisticated train on the same wall as the other two


J Simpkins graffiti on the side of the saw bench

E. Holden 1890

G Gill started work down here after Marsh re-opened August 22nd 1889

The lower level viewpoint on to the shaft

Good trip but too late for the quarrymans by the time we made it out. Not an ethical trip I need a rematch for the hauling and the photography! Also I missed the beam over passage!


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