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Whitepit 22nd January 2014
« on: February 16, 2014, 10:48:21 am »
who: Dave G, Neil C, Scott W, Steve B, George, Rowan W
where: Whitepit
where: 22nd January 2014
Link to th ephoto album

A photo trip to Talus IV and a quick look at St Alactites Hall

After wrongly supposing that Whitepit was now open on a CSCC key. We contacted Estelle
and asked for a trip into Whitepit. She gave us the go ahead. Apart from having to wait until the air had cleared from the
use of exposives over the christmas break.  It was a long time since our last trip. She even arranged pickup and drop off from the Hunters. Cheers Estelle. It was a first trip for everyone but myself. However the aims of the trip were limited from a caving point of view - a short trip to Talus IV and a quick look at St Alactites Hall.

Neil and myself arrived early and so we decided to find the West mendip way in the dark as it was ages since
I had been here. After driving past it several times I eventually found it. We then arrived slightly late to the meeting
point on Priddy Green to meet the others. Scott led the convoy of three cars with us in the rear, who also promptly drove past the small laybye by the footpath. Eventually we parked up and got changed and made the way over to the entrance.
Things had changed with (a not so fixed) fixed ladder. We had all the gear so I pleaded for lifelining but soon we were in.
I was last down and it seemed I had the only copy of the survey as well as suffering memory failure. Chaos rained Steve took charge and we soon found our way on to the crawl into Talus IV.

I remembered the crawl but forgot that it was pretty in itself.

Everyone else crawled quickly through and were enjoying the delights of Talus IV from the far end. Here is my view when I caught then up

Talus IV is simply fantastic.

Looking back at Steve from the far end of Talus IV

Rowan admiring the clay cavers

Trying my hand at macro-photography

Patience (just about) as I phaff with the photos

After which we had a quick thrutch and took a brief muddy dip and a look at St Alactities Hall

A short but good trip and we made the Hunters with time to spare. Always a good way to end the evening but also making it easy to return the key.

Thanks for the trip





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Re: Whitepit 22nd January 2014
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2014, 01:28:27 pm »
Great photos Dave, and it was an enjoyable trip.  And yes, thanks Estelle / BEC for the access :thumbsup:


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