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Lionels hole - the return
« on: September 12, 2014, 09:25:35 am »
Attendees: Ruth, Tim, Steve, Sarah

We have been caving this year (honest!) Due to Dave's minimal attendance, and my laziness no-one has done any reports.

This Wednesday was a return to Lionels Hole, last time we had visited we got through duck2, but didn't manage to find the connection beyond the narrow passage beyond. We retreated and went via the bypass route, and realised that two of our party had found the way on after all, but had written it off as unlikely! After all the dry weather and noting how dry Swildons was last week we decided it would a good chance of a return trip before the winter set in.

We got to duck 1 which wasn't even a puddle. On route to duck 1 we noticed there was lots of sticky electrical tape which had presumably been placed for route finding. Sorry if it belonged to anyone on here but I removed it as it had all fallen off. Once through duck 1 it was on to the horror of duck2, which wasn't a duck, and again wasn't holding much water (I went through on my front) beyond duck 2 there's some tight crawling then pulling yourself along a tube with a gap to the left of it - neither myself or Sarah were keen on this bit (I'd given up at this point on a previous trip) but it really wasn't as bad as I'd remembered as you can take a right turning out of it quite quickly. Sarah decided not to turn right with me, but carried on along the crawl/squeeze and ended up in the same location as us.

After a couple of false starts we found the way on, and there was a collective sigh of relief that we didn't have to go back the way we had come. Once at the connection we were in familiar territory and  sped on past sandwich boulder & onwards to the unlikely looking squeeze in the roof which is more awkward than anything else. 1 last squeeze beyond this & we were nearly back out. We explored a few other areas in the cave which are usually quite wet, but were dry on this occasion - Tim tried to make me go to the end of a tight looking dig, but I gave up after he told me it didn't go anywhere. The pub was calling, sadly not the hunters due to the wish for an early night, but maltezers & crisps were nearly as good as a cheese & onion role (but not quite!)

Really enjoyed finally doing the round trip, a good time to do it at the moment due to the lack of water  :)

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Re: Lionels hole - the return
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2014, 09:39:54 pm »
It was good to finally complete the duck 2 round trip. We've still got a few places to explore too, so (perhaps) there are reasons to visit apart from trying to stop my memory of the route slowly decaying.


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