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Great Douk & Sunset Hole meet report (25 Jan 2015)
« on: February 01, 2015, 03:29:35 pm »
Great Douk Cave & Sunset Hole - 25th Jan 2015

New members: Andy, Daniel, Ethan, Helen, Jason & Richard (party 1)
MPC : Ed, Mike S, Robin & Stuart (party 1).  Dan, Fran, Ian, Matt, Mike T & Phil (Party 2)

Planning for this trip started early to accommodate a number of potential new members from our weekly bouldering sessions at Rokt, who were "convinced" to try out caving.

16 members in total met at Inglesport at 9.30 before splitting into 2 parties.  Party 1 would do Great Douk then Sunset, while party 2 would rig sunset for SRT & ladders, before moving onto Great Douk.

Misty rain got most of us wet by the time we reached the entrance - so no need to try and keep dry.  A quick "Mike's bargin tours" visit to see Southerscales Sump preceded the easy going route upstream.  The water was easily passable and progress was good with some of the new members commenting that caving wasn't as bad as they thought.

That was until we got to the wet crawl.  I had the task of finding the hole in the ceiling, which after a few minutes was located - much to the delight of Daniel (first time caver).

Once outside, Richard declared that caving was possibly not his sport of choice (some may have heard more colourful language!) - but that he would continue, as would all the other first timers, to see Sunset Hole.  We left a kit bag for Party 2 to easily locate the exit for their return trip, and set off to find Sunset Hole.

After venturing into Sunset and, after getting down the first couple of drops using hand lines, it was decided not to go any further with the new members as it was considered that the water level was slightly too 'sporting' for first timers and Robin turned back with them.  Ed, Mike S and I carried on to let party 2 know of the change of plan, and assist with de-rigging.

I found them all having a chat at the bottom of the main pitch, while Mike T was exploring the presumed Upper Series and '68 extensions.  Ed and Mike S started de-rigging the main pitch ladder, as Dan, Fran and Ian started to make their way out.

Matt and I followed shortly after to find no-one at the surface.  Presuming they had either gone back to the cars, or down to Great Douk, Matt and I waited a few meters in from the surface (warmer and dryer!)  for the Mikes and Phil to finish de-rigging and join us before we set off down the hill.  Having not done Great Douk (and needing to collect the left kit bag), Matt, Mike T and Phil did Great Douk as Mike S and I went back to the car.

After getting changed, we all met back up in The Old Hill Inn to warm up and dry out next to the fire.

Footage of party 1 in Great Douk can be viewed at


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