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Tynings Barrow Swallet 21/10/15
« on: October 23, 2015, 09:23:22 am »
Attendees: Tim, Jim, Steve & myself
Amazingly this week we managed to arrange a last minute trip to Tynings (last time we tried we couldn't get the key) It was only our second time in the cave, the first time we'd faffed with the rigging, then a really awkward round trip/squeeze which took up most of our evening trip time. We well were organised this time and whilst waiting for Tim to arrive the rest of us headed to the entrance to get things rigged.

When we removed the lid/padlock we'd clipped the padlock onto the lid for safe keeping, but had clearly not clipped it fully in and the bottom fell onto poor Steve when Jim caught it with his elbow, thankfully it was easily found having been heard to splash into a puddle below.

We joked with Jim as he climbed down the ladder that he could nearly touch the bottom of the first pitch, Steve had already headed in an got the 2nd rigged. Tim arrived as we were heading in to the news that someone had smashed into the back of him and broken his fog light, not good when it was a very foggy evening on Mendip!

Whilst waiting for Tim and Jim to get down we took a look at some of the fossils, one of the most impressive arrays on Mendip.

We missed out the round trip from last time and continued on into the cave, the boys kept mentioning velcro passage, and ardvark trap, sometimes the names of caves just want you to go there.

 There's some quite nice flow stone and a small crystal pool as you get further into the cave.

I started to notice that the air was bad and really slowed down my pace, by the time we'd gotten to the top of Pyramid Pot I'd had enough, and really wanted to turnaround - Jim and Steve weren't feeling any effects and wanted to continue so Tim accompanied me out. It was a struggle to get out, of what is essentially quite an easy cave, I kept having to stop and rest in lower sections.

The pretties about the pitch

When we hit a dead end the panic started to rise, but it was just a case of going too low, and not climbing up, Tim reassured me he'd found the correct way out & we started to recognise things again, included the water we had muddied on our way in. Once out of the slightly awkward climb,squeeze upwards the air was markedly better so we stopped and waited for the others.

Once the others joined us some half an hour later they did finally concede I was right about the air, having not noticed it being bad descending the final pitch and exploring further then did notice it on their way back out, I'm not sure why it seems to effect me more that others. We all managed the pitches without issue and quickly got out the cave into the creepy fog. The trip was just about 'ethical' as Steve and I made it to the Plume of Feathers just before closing, I blamed the other 2 for us not having time for the Hunters!

I really liked Tynings, especially some of the large cave passage. We didn't have any bad air on our first trip there, so can only assumed it was perhaps made worse by the long dry spell we've had lately - there wasn't any water flow through the cave on our trip.

The final ladder climb, which could be done without a ladder


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