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New Years Eve trip 2015 - Box entrance tour
« on: January 02, 2016, 04:25:41 pm »
who: Dave G, Mark J, Steve R, Tich S, Rich S, John S, Simon P
where: Jacks entrance to Backdoor skirting the old entrances
when: 10:30 - 14:30 31st December 2015
role: Navigator (Mark J)

Box Quarry Entrance Tour

This year we only just managed to arrange the traditional tourist trip into Box Quarry between
Christmas and New Years Eve. But it was a good turn out in the end. The plan was to enter
Jack's and to leave from Backdoor skirting the western boundary of the quarry visiting
the old entrances to give the photographers in the group some challenging voids to capture.
Simon was keen to visit the Colonel Northey poster again that we had discovered on a
previous trip. This prompted Mark to tells us of some further research about the poster (soon to be published on Box people and places website). They had discounted some of our wilder theories about the nitrate king, but had uncovered a rich set of stories connected with the event and people mentioned in the poster.  They have yet to visit the poster but they know more about
the poster than anyone else - watch this space or rather watch theirs!

Rich was a Box virgin (but a grovel veteran) so we had to visit the Cathedral too.

Steve R issued a plea to be nice to Mark and DP as he wanted avoid one of Mark's punishment
crawls. While we were outside I promised him I would keep quiet (fingers crossed), but sadly we
did more crawling than I expected.

An ethical trip as we finished off in the pub (it was open all day)
A good trip with precise navigation by Mark.

Anyhow here are some of my photos from the trip

Steve hurrying under some frightening hanging death

Walking past a side passage

Graffiti - 1887 C Oatley

Stone crane

Heading to Bridgegate

Getting near to Bridgegate

Tich about to pass the hanging death on the way to westgate

Graffiti on pillar

Timber ceiling props near westgate

admiring the cartway towards westgate

Water on the floor in the passageway near westgate

A slither of a rotten timber that is barely standing


Someones Bath stone order

A football game

Captain Coombes - Salvation Army Corsham Corps

Graffiti - RAF inauguration rite


Graffiti - The shithouse - This is not the place to linger but to make haste


Unusual tally - Blocks with dimensions

Mark trying to decipher the block diagram

Finished stone

The cartway

Mark admires the re-found skull

The skull returns as a navigational feature

We found a solitary boot - and this prompted Mark to tell the story of how in North Wales
the slate miners would often leave a boot as they finished in a passageway as offering to the slate gods.
Looking at the boot sole

Sadly this fine story was somewhat undermined because
Steve found a whole lot of old boots. We found several shaped lady shoes,
football boots, a whole range of sizes. So we had simply found some rubbish pushed inside the entrance

Back to the cartway

Finished blocks

More of simon's research - some graffiti mentioned in the
scripta legenda near Rems crawl.
It tells the story of the hanging of Charles Kite who murdered someone in a pub brawl in Bath.
However Monkzy also googled for Charles kite and found an account of the incident on a website dedicated to victorian hangings
See The hanging of charles kite - victorian hangings. the information is extracted from original court proceedings.
Here is a link to Simon's high resolution image of the graffiti - the story of the hanging of charles kite -
after mudering someone in a brawl in a pub in Bath.
Charles kite murder in bath

February 25th - 25/2/1884
Charles Kite – Bath

Everyone was relieved when a quarrel between two young labourers at the Malt and Hops in Bath was resolved with fisticuffs in the yard outside the pub. The protagonists, Charles Kite and Albert Miles, both aged 21, went back into the bar after the fight.
"Let’s make friends and shake on it,” Kite said. He offered his left hand. Momentarily confused, Miles pulled away, and as he did so Kite lunged at him with a knife he had hidden in his right hand. Miles collapsed and died on the spot.
Kite fled but was arrested within an hour while hiding in his mother’s house. He was hanged on Monday, February 25th, 1884, in Taunton Prison, and had the distinction of being the last man to be executed there.

Finally Rich's first view of the cathedral

The start of the crawl over deads to reach the poster

The poster with the remains of the original glue

Closeup of some of the local people named in the poster

Closeup of Colonel Northey in the poster


Admiring the poster and debating the latest findings

Wooden top bearing for a stone crane - it goes in a chog hole

Old cigarette cards

old Ogden's cigarette card - a Birmingham boxer - 107 Jem Carney 1902

Files and Rasps

More research from Simon
Another great find was this 'transfer' of a file packet label.
It was stuck with mud above a well-used saw bench,  maybe as a reference when ordering more files.
The label has dissolved leaving just the ink.

The absence of a 'Ltd.' after the name may indicate this is a pre-1849 label.

Barnsley & Sons is well documented in many great Urbex reports. Between its closure in 2004 and 2010ish there were some incredible photo's taken, after 2010 it seems more artifacts were taken than photo's. None however show any photos of a label similar to this one in Box.

unusual graffiti tally - super is mentioned several times in adjacent graffiti

Great trip - thanks for the navigation taking us back to see the poster, cards, and file imprints.


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Re: New Years Eve trip 2015 - Box entrance tour
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2016, 04:56:18 pm »
Great set of pics and info, but I suspect you have a photo of a top bearing out of a chog hole rather than the base, but what do I know?!  :)

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Re: New Years Eve trip 2015 - Box entrance tour
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2016, 05:22:50 pm »
You're right about the top bearing - I have changed it
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Re: New Years Eve trip 2015 - Box entrance tour
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2016, 11:06:51 am »
Some great pictures there Dave, and no photos of my arse crack for a change!

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Re: New Years Eve trip 2015 - Box entrance tour
« Reply #4 on: January 03, 2016, 10:19:50 pm »
Some great pictures there Dave, and no photos of my arse crack for a change!

Have you recovered from the crawls?


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