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Draft or draught
« on: July 14, 2006, 02:23:55 pm »
Following the discussion in crete as to the correct spelling of a moving current of air, please see the following from the Oxford English Dictionary
24. a. A current of air, esp. in a confined space, as a room or a chimney. Phr. to feel the draught: see FEEL v. 6b.    ({beta}) sometimes draft.
1768-74 TUCKER Lt. Nat. (1852) II. 478 We feel and hear the draught of air, and see the commotions it raises among the trees. 1812-16 J. SMITH Panorama Sc. & Art II. 315 The height of the chimney has an important effect on the draught of a wind-furnace. 1844 DICKENS Lett. (1880) I. 110 A sore throat; from sitting in constant draughts. 1864 WEBSTER, Blast draught..Forced draught..Natural draught. 1896 Times (weekly ed.) 18 Sept. 641/3 The steam trials of the Victorious, battleship, have proved remarkably successful, the contract speed for natural and forced draught having been exceeded.
{beta} 1812-16 J. SMITH Panorama Sc. & Art I. 246 The nearer the throat [of the chimney] is brought to the fire, the stronger the draft will be. 1860 TYNDALL Glac. I. xxvii. 207 The drafts from the doors and from the windows. 1873 LONGFELLOW Wayside Inn, Emma & Eginhard Interlude 57 That draft of cold, Unpleasant night air.

That is to say we were both right. either is aceptable.

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Re: Draft or draught
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2006, 02:45:53 pm »
It's draught. At least the important one is anyway.

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p.s. how about draughty/ drafty?


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