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Super Fun Trip Down Daren Cilau
« on: April 01, 2008, 03:50:17 pm »
Present: BenM, Edd, Tree, Mike and I

Arrived at the Daren car park at 10ish to lots of hugs off Tree and Easter cake off Edd.  Kitted up and away we went, playing the mean trick on Tree and Mike who hadn’t done the crawl before and telling them there is 16 boxes to count – hehe.  Anyway, I went first, followed by Edd, Tree, Mike then Ben and found the boxes whizzing by – 1,2,3,4,5 – woohoo, can stand up now, 6,8 (no 7?, couldn’t have been paying attention) – and at the end in 30 mins shortly followed by Edd.  We sat and waited at the end of the crawl and figured Mike being somewhat taller than the rest of us might be struggling a tad more.  Another 30 mins later we heard voices only to realise that it wasn’t our final three musketeers, no it was MadFi +3 (at least that is what is said on the tackle bag).  They had passed Mike et al. near to box 1 and not seen them since, though apparently they were in high spirits and singing as UBSS likes to do best.  We also figured Ben must have told them the truth by now.  Edd and I were just about to go back in the crawl when we heard their voices not far away, and so we sat and waited in the dark.  Boo! As they appeared which caused Mike to collapse on his back, or perhaps he was just relieved to be out.

Onwards, following not far behind MadFi (meaning navigation wasn’t too difficult), a bit more crawling which I don’t remember from last time, and then nice stompy walking passage to Big Chamber Nowhere Near The Entrance.  Signed in the log book and laughed at the blow up dolls doing naughty things before heading on towards the ladder.   Navigation didn’t prove too difficult, had to do a bit of thinking at 5 ways and also Valentine’s Chamber however our decisions were reinforced by the fresh muddy feet/knee prints we found on the way.

At the ladder we met the t’other group again.  A bit of unease in the group about going up the ladder meant we turned around at this point and decided to head back to Big Ch. NNTE, change our log book entry and head off to the Antlers.  A bit of p*** taking on the way out of Ben for his new found knowledge on rocks and off we went.  We ended up in a walking size passage (to Mike’s delight) with lots of pretty things and followed the conservation tape.  The way on was then marked with reflectors till eventually we reached a boulder choke near a bit of old dodgy rope going up to a higher climb.  Did we pass the Antlers, or take a wrong turn, or just not find them?  We’re not sure. We assume the Antlers are in Antler Passage which we don’t think we found.

The return trip saw an unorthodox climbing manoeuver off Edd and as Mike said ‘You can tell when you're clutching at straws when you use your head for friction’.  It wasn’t long before we were signing out and back at the crawl.  Exit me, Tree, Ben, Mike and Edd.  On the return I made the mistake of finding out where the vice was, I had never noticed it before and i figured that was because I didn’t know where it was.  This time however I was looking out for it, and yes I definitely noticed it, approaching it completely the wrong way and having to back out before attempting a second time.  Past the vice I thought the cave was never going to end, only 80 m from the entrance yet it was the longest 80 m of caving I’ve done in a long time. Once out it was snowing, not fun for getting changed in, brrrrrr.  Tree and Ben soon arrived and then we sat and waited for the final two in a nice warm car, feeling quite sorry for them.  As it approached 1.5 hours we decided to go up to the entrance to meet them and see if we could hear them though thankfully they were already walking back to the car.

Great trip, really enjoyed

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Re: Super Fun Trip Down Daren Cilau
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2008, 03:59:03 pm »
Edd's cakes are fabulous. Tree's hugs are great, too.

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Re: Super Fun Trip Down Daren Cilau
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2008, 08:48:10 am »
The Easter cake was so big it fuelled our Swildon's short round trip the following weekend  :)


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