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Swildons 09-02-09
« on: February 09, 2009, 09:10:30 pm »
Swildons   09 febuary 2000000009

Mad People Present  -- Cap'n'Chris  ---Bounty Boy ---Mr Boost

During our drive up the roads were all clear except the odd snow Chicane !! :o   , little further on it was quickly established that a well laden Vivaro van is a great snow plough !!   Quickly changed in to kit and set off .  The hills were still very white and some good snow drifts present , about foot to crutch deep in places .   Twas a bludy hard little walk . Once at the entrance the water was higher than last time I visited but still low enough and only half way up the first inlet pipe . Quick drop down and we were off down the cascade , and yes it was "fresh" .   Down  Jacobs Ladder  and made our way down to the 40' , this was Bounty's second trip to Swildons but this time we were heading past the 20 so new ground for him . We were heading up to do the 40' abseil . At which point I got a shot of Cap'n and Bounty Boy during the decent briefing .

 I was the guinea pig and went first , hoping to get a shot of Bounty Boy coming down I go the camera out but only got this ..

Cap'n soon joined us and we were off down to the 20' . with a quick finger fiddling yippee kai yai swing and knot knotting , Cap'n was accross the alternative way and beckoning us to join him , Bounty Boy soon follows and me too . With a quick Ali bum shuffle and slide we were down and making good progress down the wet and wild rapids of swildons . Much a qawp was made at the formations as Bounty Boy had not been this down in the system . We made our route Via Barnes Loop to avoid the watery coldness a bit and took in some more sights . It was pritty amazing how just a few more inch's of  H20 made the cave appear and sound a tad different and the force of the Double Pots was impresive .
We soon arrived at the 1st Sump . with a good layer of frothy proper beer head on it , just the way a  good pint of Dragon P**S should be poured , and an addition  some more extra water backing up , and a bone chilling temperature . we had reached the end of our little journey for the day and began to make our way out the same route . We stopped by the Gour pools in Barnes Loop for a quick choccy break for additional go go power .
If you look closely you can see that the Cap'n's right hand  has turned white as the water was so cold .......
Bounty Boy and Cap'n trying to see who can eat a chocolate bar the quickest
Back up the 20' with out much ado and up to the 40' , cap was at this point ahead and up the 8' drop  and furtling up to get the ropes that were left in situe in case of rapid preciptuos down pour melting thawing water cascadey ness .  Soon Bounty and I were at our pre-arranged R.V and waited a few minutes for Cap'n in an dark but noisy enviroment . Once Cap'n arrived we made the last dash for freedom up the short wet way and back up Jacobs Ladder  . with a quick scrabble we were out  . Ok so the sun wasnt shining but it was a refreshing welcome back in to the world  ,  as white as when we went down with the addition of a couple more inch's of water in the stream .  A few more shots to prove our madness and inability to choose suitable weather for caving  ;D

Cap'n'Chris and Bounty Boy

And yours truly .

A trudge accross the fields and more energy used on the whole of the underground playtime due to the extra deep white stuff . A good day was had by all , and now know that after today caving in these conditions means that coldness will never be a problem again, except suffering MPS ( men only )

Cheers Cap'n for another good trip and look forward to more of it   ....You da man  :thumbsup: :bow:

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Re: Swildons 09-02-09
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2009, 08:57:27 am »
Good report, Mr. Boost! - yes, it was a great trip and we got the best of the conditions, with perfect timing missing out the rains forecast for later in the afternoon - the levels were about 10cm higher at the Sump pool than is usually the case and the rope route we took, in addition to being an exit route in much higher water conditions (should we have needed it), also meant that we stayed about as dry as was possible for such a trip: bonus.


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