Author Topic: Fairy Cakes n Crispy Critters, Monday 16th February 2009  (Read 1668 times)

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Fairy Cakes n Crispy Critters, Monday 16th February 2009
« on: February 16, 2009, 04:53:36 pm »
Me n Mr. Boost met up for another Monday muddle, this time visiting the oft-overlooked Eastenders part of Mendip, in the form of Fairy Cave Quarry for a safari and general bimblage; donning gimpy wetsuits made life very easy for a trip into a wet Hilliers where sliding through the boulder ruckles interlinking the various well decorated grottos was a good three dimensional obstacle course and all round body-stretching exercise; we finished off by exiting via Fairy Cave, enjoying the duck which was refreshing!

Next stop was Fernhill for a look-see at the amazing efforts of the diggers; very impressive indeed.

Then a stroll over to Balch Cave and a quick rummage in Pool Passage entrance only to be thwarted by the presence of hibernating large moths and clusters of crispy critters[tm]; a quick turnaround and we popped into Erratic Passage for more moth marvelling and then hey-ho'd out for a stroll down to the various entrances: Conning Tower Cave, W/L, Shatter, Withyhill, Hillwithy, Quarter Way up Hole, Half Way up Hole and then back to the vehicle for well deserved chocolate and banter.

Top fun.

Drove back past Withybrook Slocker which is an awesome piece of engineering!


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