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Hilliers Cave /Fairy Cave, Monday 16th February 2009
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Star  Date  --Monday 16th Feb 2000009

venue  ---Hilliers / Fairy Cave  Round Trip

Persons of unstable mind present  -  Cap'n'Chris  and me ( Boost)

R'v as per usual and made our way unhindered to the quarry . This was to be my first trip to the Eastern Flanks of the Mendips for a caving exploit .
In to my sleek wet suit , and lacking fore arms and leg coverage except for knee pads , I twas warned of muchos soryness kneeees was I to be experiencing . I knew what it felt like after doing the same at GB but thought it was a good way to exfoliat the skin on my knees  . Anyway off to the entrance to the system  ,which we were entering via Hilliers Cave . With a little finger shuffling the lock was off and door open . Quick shuffly motion down the rope and we were at the start of the crawly bit , little explanation of the history of the system was to be had whilst the damp crawly part was past .  It was a truly different cave to many I have seen as the formations are in such a close proximity to the entrance and even though they are similar formations as elsewhere , their colouring is a great contrast from white to red and all the colours  in between . We made a reasonable pace down through alot of the passage , where the old qaurry slurry  had left tidal lines  . Further along  , a bit deeper in the system it was quiet strange to see the flow of tar / bitumen flowing in to the system .  This was it all became a bit more crawly twisty rubber jointed to progress .  We passed by one area , I forget the name but had some really good formations , grotto I think !!   . Bit more crawly stuff and we came to the first of my favourites  , a funny little obstacle that was a slide / pull/ kick along feature , with a little think ,  mainly about wether the breakfast was a good idea . No further ado and I twas shuffling along and the Cap'n pointed out that the way on was NOT down in to the wet murky depths below as there seemed to be a good pool of water ( may be another day hey  ;D)  It twas far more tricky making the move at the end that going through .  I cant remember the whole lot of this part of the trip but we headed in to some more twisty bendy ruckles and certainly made a good test of bender-ability . I got to say the Cap,n was on a mission to wear me out and wasn't far off it as he was on the route finding and I was trying my darn hardest not to loose sight of his light or feet . One thing that I did notice was a nice metal chisel on route  . Once out the other side we were in the Red Room ( I think ) .  So many great formations in the area again yet so close to the surface .  Now we had to make some back trackin and it was amazing how easy some of the obstacles in the ruckle were whilst approached from the opposite side and Vice Versa . It was real test of route finding as it all looked the same to me for a while .   Back to the squeeze after pasing some more formations on route . It was a bit more tricky to get in to the squeezey tunnel from the lower end . Once through  it was back to sliding along like a seal along the calcite floor , which made me chuckle to myself as just the thought of being seen sliding along in a tight wetsuit doing an impression of a seal would finish off the last of my street cred  ::) .   If I remember we then headed back in to some boulder ruckle , not sure though  :shrug:   .  Once back nearer to the entrance we then took a diversion and headed up above our route in . Heading to Drop Off Rift was a fun little slidy shuffle , in a muddy passage , at this point I wished for some more wet pools to wash off the inside of my knee pads , as knees are now getting a weeee tad sore .  At the top off the Drop Off we headed down for a pokey nose of the dig at the bottom and all I can say is the diggers are some very very very "keen" people looking at the size of the continuing passage / hole / squeeze . Good luck on that  ;D   .   back up to the top and we pushed on to the squeeze just before the duck . Cap'n was first through the squeeze and lay in the warm water whilst I made the squeeze . first impression was fooook right off , see you on the other side  ::)  , but hey cant let the side down now !!   So on through and waited above the water while the Cap'n went through the Duck . once through I wa given the all clear . Lowered myself in to the warm water and helmet off to give me alittle more air space . Half way through I was finding it pritty easy so thought I would find a stone or two too lodge in my back to help toughen it up and make it a little more awkard , I found this worked well  ::)  .

some where along the line we were then in to Fairy cave . This was a differnet cave altogether and was suprising how differnet the cave was , not just the stone / rock lay out but also the wear and tear .  Got to say this was a bit crawly too but not as bad as Hillier Cave . After a quick shuffle along we were out through the entrance and a breath of fresh air was had     :thumbsup:

We were now off to have a look at some more off the features around the quarry .  We made our way accross to an entrance near Balches Entrance . I forget the name as there were so many . A quick squeeze through the entrance and we were in . Once in it was suprising how big the chamber was . Until some foooking t**t  looked aorund thinking he was safe . But no , I couldn't beleive it , yes , you know , one of them there .....Crispy Critters , but not a little one , about the size of a dustbin lid  ::)  :thumbsdown: . SO you get the idea , and yes I foooooking hate the things . This was my point where I froze and said to Cap'n that I would be unable to go any further ( add the relevant swear words where applicable ) .   All i culd think about was getting the hell out of there now .  Looking at the entrance made it worse knowing there would be some there too .  After a little breather I made for the exit a bit smartish .  After beating myself up a bit ( alot ) we made our way over to one of Balches  ( please correct )  and popped down after Cap'n made a recce for Crispy Critters  . Given the ok I followed down and we made our way down to the bottom of the cave where it was blocked  , a quick look around revealed a Greater Horse shoe Having a nap , just near where Cap,n pointed out another of my "mates" .   We headed back up and were going to make for another route out . But Cap'n made an assertive ( best ) decision not to go that way because of my "mates" were down there too  :thumbsdown:        So we made our way back out the way we came in .

We continued around the qaurry to look at the other entrances and I have got to admit that all of the name are very vague as there were so many of them .

It was another good day planned by Cap,n and I got the work out I so badly needed ..  I have just managed to finish picking all the bits of grit out my knees  and am going to soak the silt out of my knees too .    The Fairy / Hilliers system was  certainly worth the visit  :thumbsup:    A good day was had and look forward to the next :thumbsup: . ......................lesser the Crispy Critters  :thumbsdown:

Cap'n   you is da man  :thumbsup:   Cheers Buddy  ............and feel free to add the reactions of a woosey  ;D from the receiving end  ::)
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