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Goaty Churchy
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Arrrrrr  !!

18th Febuary 20000009

Venue  ------ GoatChurch Cavern

People present  .. Bounty Boy , son number 1 , son number 2 , and Me

Today I had to take a Bounty Boy  and his two boys to GoatChurch as I promised .  Neither boy had been there before or caving for that .We made our way in via the tradesmans and down the terrace . So the boys could have a little famaliarization to the caving we had a little play in the boulder chamber around the various obstacles .  Next we went down Jacobs Ladder I freely decended whilst laying the rope put for them .   Once in the water chamber more playing in the short little crawl was had . One of them noticed the little waterfall so we made our way down to it and we all passed in to the littel chamber which was a tight little squeeze but done none the less .   next we were off down to the drain pipe and after a little chat the 2 boys were first in and I followed and then Bounty Boy . Once at the other end we had a quick look see and let the boys see the "bottom " of the cave . Now I wanted to ave a look at the continuation . I did it feet first . Getting round the zig zag wasnt to bad and managed to get about 8 foot down the tube before my feet hit something . It was at this point that I decided that that was enough for the day . Next time I will go in head first !  I will see the Dexion I will !!!
On the way back we made time for some photo's of the boys coming out of the Drain pipe .

At the top of the drainpipe area the boys stopped for a choccy bar and break . So I took Bounty Boy down to the bottom of Ladder Dig . It is certainly comfortable for two people trying to swap over when at the bottom of the dig !!!   Heading back up  we made the most of the time and once the boys were at the top of the coffin lid , I took Bounty for a little round trip from Jacobs Ladder to the Grotto and back up the Lid .

we made our route out via the Midget steps and then along Drunkards Passage and out Via the Main entrance . The lads thought it was great Crispy Critter Spotting .....little buggers  ::)

Total time underground   about 3.5 hours . Lots of "exploration" was done .  and a nice relaxed trip .


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