Author Topic: Swildon's Hole, Shatter Potnoodle, IV & Short Round, Monday 23rd February 2009  (Read 2219 times)

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Mmmm Mr. Boost n Me RVd for our usual Happy Monday bimble somewhere on t'Mendips but started the day an hour earlier so we could visit Longwood and mosey around; however, a change of plan soon occurred as Mr. Boost unwisely nodded towards me over breakfast that he rather fancied having a go at leading the Short Round trip in Swildon's so I gamely nodded back and decided to lure him into a false sense of adequacy and suggested a look-see at Shatter Series and mebbe, just mebbe, a noseypokery around Blue Pencil to see how snug he found it.

Ahem, so without further ado that was the Mission; easily down to the 20' and rigged it Tarzan Stylee[tm] and then Mr. Boost ably led without any mishap to Shatter Pot which was already rigged with a ladder so we just bunged a rope on it and asbo'd t'bottom and then furtled through the pleasant roomy tunnels and negotiated the easy climb with the un-fixed aid and enjoyed playing with the rubber ducks before heading back looking for some air containing a healthier proportion of oxygen. Puffing soon ended when we arrived up top and then Mr. B continued, again without mishap or error of judgement, in leading us to Blue Pencil; bags were stashed and I led on down the funstermungous walking sized passage to the Swildon's IV streamway where much hooping n a hollering occurred as we strode frothingly here and there, enjoying the echoes and the wateryness, visiting the serene pond of Sump 3 and the writhing morass of poop'n'maggots at Sump 4. Back up t'Pencil of spaciousness and Mr. B then continued his masterful route-finding all the way back, via the oh-so-warm-and-inviting Sump 1 to daylight, gathering together all our kit after renegotiating the Tarzan Swing of Mirth at the 20'.

Top trip. Leisurely saunter. No bruises.

How was it for you, Mr. Boost?

Mr Boost

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ouch , awe , ouch , awe  ....sorry just the noises I made getting in to a warm bath !! ::)

Twas a bloody good trip Cap . I am thoroughly sore and bruised as Pencil passage isnt the best place for a mini personal rave and have a very sore knee cap as I think I pushed a LITTLE to hard the first time  !!  was good to see the further reaches of Shatter and to see how good muddy gloop is for hair gel ....answer .....took 2 washes to get it out .   Pencil as a great (mental ) obstacle and one to be savoured for some time ( bruises to prove it ) .   Was a great chance to put in a memory trip . I have trouble remembering the wifes birthday  :spank:  let alone the round trip route .   Was amazing how sump 3 area was so similar to the run up to sump 2  but changes so much along it's length to sump 4  .  Didnt notice the maggots  !!!    I have got to say that after doing Pencil passage and found that "snug" , I am going to leave the CowSH##T aven to priddy connection to the anorexic and malnurished of the world to do this one .     

Cheers Cap'n  for another grrrrrreeat trip  .  and I told you to bring the shower gel for the sump  :o   as it I agree it  was soooooo warm   


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