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Looooongwood Swallet, Monday 3rd March 2009
« on: March 02, 2009, 09:21:00 pm »
Mr. Boost's return to Longwood for a more thorough look-see; the fabulous weather conditions meant we had nowt to worry about while below ground, other than knowing we were missing out on topping up our tans, and all went smoothly and according to Plan. Down via the traverse but rigged it as a refreshing abseil down the waterfall and then abseil/ladder combo on Swing Pitch - upstream first to look at the horrifying boulder death and then downstream to enjoy the scenery and streamway - negotiated the calcite slot/rift to the start of the gnarly end-game towards Fanny's Rift but went no further than that. Enjoyed the traditional chocolate break before following Mr. Boost back up the way we came. All in all, just a tad under 3 hours so good progress and a nice pace throughout. Top trip. All obstacles ably and deftly managed by the Booster! Sporting exercise!  :thumbsup:

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Re: Looooongwood Swallet, Monday 3rd March 2009
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2009, 10:00:42 pm »
For sale  complete set of caving gear , will throw in batteries for lamps .....only kidding  :tease:

Was a bloody good return , having done the entrance series before but NO more . The letter box has got bigger since my last visit and was suprised by the 3 bar heater installed just below it  ::)   Even though it was a nice day up top the water was still "fresh" , not quite a speedo trip for me !  Was bloody amazed by the scale of the cave from the entrance to the real nitty gritty . Got to say the ongoing sections looked very "snug" further down Fannies rift  and will allow the anorexic of the world to carry on .  Did like the formations through the wet crawly sections as it is such a difference to the swildons warn state .
 The straddly bit accross the water rift was a good work out for the old pins .   Was a bloody good climb back up the watery fall and a refreshing reminder of the power of clod water .Must make a conscous effort to not carry around extra bag-age as it would make it easier but I do like my drink ( non alchoholic ) and a choccy bar , but dont think Cap would like a choccy bar that has been stored in my wetsuit  :o

Thanks for the great trip Cap'n :thumbsup:and look forward to another trip in the future to do the bits we missed and the round trip section . :thumbsup:

Cheers Buddy , you da man   :thumbsup: :clap2:


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